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  1. I some how think no spanked around Windsor Ontario, lots of comments butnospankings
  2. uncle


    I have had enemas, good torture when yot told not to relieve yourself and you really want to.
  3. I am looking for a disciplinarian in western Ontario
  4. I do not care male or female, I just need to be discipline
  5. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    I would be happy to get my ass warmed up or warm up someone eles
  6. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    I am in the Windsor area, always looking to give or receive
  7. I am sorry but I am a bare butt person, its more thrilling
  8. uncle


    your lucky looks nice now
  9. Beleive it or not Dollarama has a good hair brush
  10. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    I am looking for same in Windsor
  11. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    Were you the one that replied, please send again it did not come trough
  12. uncle


    nice, but not blistered enough
  13. uncle


    I would love my ass blistered if your close by
  14. uncle


    Nice I would like to look like that. Great job
  15. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    I am in Kingsville, willing to meet for some bare ass redness
  16. I am looking but I am not a female near windsor
  17. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    I am in Leamington I want bare ass over the knee if you do that
  18. I a!m a male looking too spank a female, my house is only available on Sundays I am in leamington. I fdo not use anything but my hand
  19. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    I am in need of discipline, I like bare butt over your knees
  20. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    I am in leamington, I can not travel. I only have Sundays sat my place👽👽
  21. I do not look for paddles but I like to sample them o my bare assx
  22. Hello I am new here, always looking for an ass wippin near Windsor. I love to chat about span!ings you had
  23. uncle

    Toronto, Ontario (GTA)

    Do you come to Leaminton
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