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  1. Hello Alice, nice to see you and that you appreciate how spanking can be so effective in other areas than just discipline and fun. Sadly I've not seen the girl since this virus has taken hold, last time i spanked was a different girl who I keeping touch with and wants me to spanked her when lockdown has ended here, I'm looking forward to it as she has a lovely bubble bottom to spank Pat
  2. Hello Kate, I'm in UK and would love to chat not you and get to know each other. Send a message to paddywack2011@hotmail.com Pat
  3. Those four words, 

    "Get over my knee",

    always make my knees weak, and my bottom tingle in anticipation.  

    1. Victorianshelly2


      "Bring me the hairbrush" is yet another four word phrase and works its magic on me, and those weak knees of mine.


    2. cyberian2


      These 4 words bring me such joy.

      Kneel in front of me!

      Hand me the Impliement

      Get across my knee

      Why are you bad

      Take a deep breath

      Release and get ready


      The Lady Veronica Graunwolf      :(


    3. ticlaude


      just like you , Shelly2 , the words '' get over my knees '' bring me all kinds of feelings .images (5).jpg

  4. There are Rosey and that's exactly how I view and give a spanking. Give couple warnings, look in my eye, gone of voice will put her in no doubt once more...and she does so haul her over knee, skirt up, knickers down and give her bare bottom a rapid round of sharp smacks and I mean sharp.
  5. Hi everyone, yes I have a gf who often asks me to give her a stress relief spanking to relax her. We're not a coup,e just friends but she's across my knee regularly enough and feels amazingly calm after.
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