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  1. Spanking creams

    I have found that hand lotions with Aloe and Vitamin E work well and so dose cocoa butter lotions for after care. 2 tips, #1 check to see if the spankee has any allergies to these before using. #2 if possible put the lotions in the refrigerator or other cold place this will give some extra soothing.
  2. spanking games online

  3. Spanking Bench Project

    Hi all, I'm planing on building a spanking bench in my work shop and would like some input on what everyone thinks a good spanking bench should have or what style you think is best. I would love to hear from spankees in particular.
  4. How your wired?

    after some thought maybe I should put it this way. you could have an intense spanking experience and depending on the context it could be one of punishment or one that is erotic, but not both. I don't think the two context are reconcilable. but that's my opinion.
  5. How your wired?

    as a spanker, when giving punishment spankings to #1 I would say no. I don't really see sex as a punishment so I guess that answers #2 as well. as far as #3 the release of stress that I may feel comes from being in the moment looking after and seeing to the needs of the spankee. at the moment I'm not thinking about myself. now if one delves into erotic spanking, punishment is not the goal. spanking becomes a tool of sexual play, but it is still not a punishment. at this point is much less of a spanking thing and more of a BDSM thing. were talking an entirely different beast. I don't think you can walk in both worlds at once. you really have to pick one. now that's not saying you can't jump from one to the other to get all your needs meet. just not all at the same time.
  6. Role Play?

    in role playing you can be anyone you set your mind to be. it helps very much if you have a well planed scenario. one thing that helps with that is to come up with a story and then work with you partner to turn that into your scenario. its important that they are playing along as well or your just going to feel silly. in my 25 years as a spanker I have ben a, school teacher, head master, a stern father and a prison guard to name a few. its like I said, when role playing start with a story you would like to live out. oh and a good partner is worth there weight in gold.
  7. Irma over, no power.

    it sucks your with out power, but its good to hear your ok. how hard did it hit in your area?
  8. Anyone remember spankfinder?

    I would love to know of those places.
  9. Where are you from?

    First Name: Phillip Age: 42, will be 43 in September Sex Orientation: Male Spanker/Spankee/Switch: Spanker Country you are from: USA State/Providence: Lenawee county, Michigan
  10. Daddy/Dom/Mentor near Lansing,MI.

    defiantly looks intimidating...
  11. Spanking Humor Gifts

    was looking for a gift for a friend and found this site.http://www.etsy.com/market/spanking_humor
  12. The New Layout/People's Opinions Of It

    Took a little getting use to, but I like the new layout...
  13. Hello from Michigan

    yes they do Tink90... I'm one of them...
  14. Hello from Michigan

    thanks to all of you for all the welcomes...
  15. "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." Albert Einstein