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  1. Phillip


    thank you.
  2. Phillip


    where did you get that strap?
  3. Phillip


    to be honest I still have finished setting up my aquarium yet. I did build the stand and got most of the stuff for setup. there's just ben to much more pressing matters going on to finish the setting it up. hope to have it done soon. I really do enjoy watching them.
  4. Phillip

    Hey everyone

  5. Interesting. most people seem to find me that way.
  6. Phillip


    its not a bad thing. well unless your the bottom anyways.
  7. Phillip


    ok, I'm a little bit jealous. I don't have that many paddles.
  8. Phillip

    Sex and Shakespeare

    I am a bit familiar with Shakespeare's work. I have yet to read sex and Shakespeare. a book I would like to recommended is, THE Essential Guide to the Practice of Corporal Punishment...Or How Do I Get My Partner Interested in Spanking by LUCY BAILY. that is if you can get your hands on a copy. from what I understand its a hard to find book now, I got my copy from a friend in the UK as a gift many years ago.
  9. Phillip


  10. Phillip

    How Did You Come Up With Your Username?

    mines just my first name.
  11. Phillip


    I've had community aquariums, but I've never kept Cichlids. the tank I'm setting up now will be my first real planted tank.
  12. Phillip


    same hear. my last tank before getting out was a 75 gallon fresh water. I picked up a book on planted aquariums called sunken gardens and that inspired me to get back into it.
  13. Phillip


    oh, I know all about that 😁. I have already built the stand for my 20 gallon long, but if I need some special woodwork done I'll let you know.
  14. Phillip


    just out of curiosity I was warding if any of the spankos hear were aquarium or fish keepers? I just got back into the hobby myself after being out of it for a few years.
  15. Phillip

    Spanking creams

    I have found that hand lotions with Aloe and Vitamin E work well and so dose cocoa butter lotions for after care. 2 tips, #1 check to see if the spankee has any allergies to these before using. #2 if possible put the lotions in the refrigerator or other cold place this will give some extra soothing.