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  1. I realized this week that it had been 28 years since i began mentoring those in need of a caring person who would do what was needed to help them achieve their goals. It began that night with a drink and she drove anyway and paid the consequences. I am in North Georgia near Chattanooga. I have disciplined in atlanta, chattanooga, jasper, ellijay, calhoun, athens, and many more areas. Id be glad to see what I can do for anyone who needs help.
  2. thank you, and you both better be good
  3. I think little things people say can tell you whether they are or they arent... little things like the way a husband will look at his wife when she does something silly or a whisper in the ear. I notice when i woman says yes sir or yes maam a lot.. they may be..
  4. i got one when i was 14... oh yeah, mom meant it when she said NO MORE OF THAT SMART MOUTH.... shes who made me who i am today...
  5. i once spanked a girl i was mentoring in the restroom at mcdonalds. id had enough of her smart mouth and warned her i would do it. she said NO YOU WONT... and i can sass if i want. She found out.
  6. I am in northwest GA, not far from atlanta, and not far from chattanooga. I am 44, and have 25 years experience mentoring, counseling and working with those who need the help. Id be glad to talk to you if you are interested in correcting some behaviors..just message me, and i will be glad to see what i can do for you.
  7. I actually have a good situation in that I am not that far from Atlanta, and I am close to the Chattanooga area as well
  8. I am just north of Atlanta. 24 yrs experience.
  9. im in ringgold.. how can i help you?
  10. I am north of atlanta. im 44 and i can host
  11. southeast TN and nw GA dad and mentor here.... 44 yrs old and willing to help those in need
  12. IN Georgia but near Chattanooga. Mentor, Disciplinarian, but most of all... good friend to have in your life. I will help you all I can. For your own good.
  13. I am a disciplinarian in the north ga, and chattanooga area. will be glad to help anyone who is in need of my services.
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