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  1. Yes I was under that rule also. Never fun driving home after knowing what is to happen.
  2. Do u need a spanking ? 

  3. Remember this, young lady?


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    2. jelena53


      I hope this paddle is on display for all to see,  it's such a beautiful paddle. 

    3. champagne


      It is displayed in here  for all to see. Designed my Lash

    4. jelena53


      what about hanging on your wall at home?     Hallway wall? 

  4. On a vacation my husband spanked me on a hotel balcony. As I was being spanked I noticed a couple in the next room looking out the window at me. I was so embarrassed , but also excited. I'm blushing as i type this.
  5. Congratulations on your new wooden hair brushes!  I hope they're put to good use.

  6. Mom took us to Thrifty Drug store ( now Rite-Aid) and bought us wooden hair brushes and they work well and i still have the brush
  7. I college we played ping pong with the loser be paddled. Number of swats was determined by number of points lost by. Example score 21-16 5 swats. Also, the first match you lost the paddling was on shorts and the second match lost shorts off and third match lost panties off paddling bare.
  8. On a vacation for excitement my husband spanked me on a hotel balcony. I was only wearing my bikini top and as I was being spanked I looked over my shoulder and noticed the couple next door looking out the window at me. I was so embarrassed but also so excited blushes
  9. Yes especially if they had previously visited the wood/work shed they would know exactly what will happen and how it will feel and how loud they will sing
  10. I was told that all proper spanking were done on the bare. As I was lectured I would have to admit my wrong doings and then push panties to ankles as the lectured continue then spanked and sent to the corner.
  11. Always fun to hear others role plays role plays. One of the plays my husband and I played was me being dare to be spanked on the balcony of the hotel we were in leaning over the railing. As i was being spanked i looked over to the side and saw a couple peeking out of the window (making it very memorable) at my husband turning my bottom red. I was so so embarrassed but also excited.
  12. I think it would be interesting to trade instructions some time
  13. Hi Champagne!  Lochgelly here!


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    2. Lochgelly4tail


      HI Sarah....I haven't seen you on here (or anywhere else).  Have you been OK?  Please let me know how things are going and when we can chat again!


    3. champagne


      The British site closed   and i wont pay Sean any money so i come in here now at time   nice to see you

    4. Lochgelly4tail


      Yes, Sean is hard to deal with!  The Spanko.net site has "lifetime

      super VIP" status opportunities, but I am just going with regular VIP!   I am using Unseen.is (from Iceland) for some chat.  It's good and free and allows total privacy.   Take a look and let me know what you think.

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