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  1. May not get a second chance but knowing what you did wrong can help you the next time around . i dont expect everyone to accept my apology but for me i truly mean it. Most of the time i dont know what to say cause it so hard to be me so i tend to be sassy and im sure it may come across the wrong way at times but i would never intentionally offend someone or hurt someone but i find it hurts more when they cant explain to you what you did wrong after that. If they chose not to speak wit you again at least you know is all I am saying. I apologize if my words get mixed up i have trouble w
  2. I believe in keeping it real i am not perfect and i may over step or say something wrong but i always apologize and say i am sorry. I.just dont understand why people cant be honest back and just tell you what you did wrong or what you did that offended them and give you another chance. We are all not perfect so dont just ignore someone let them know why so they can change that bad behaviour we all deserve second chances. Or maybe that person trying to hard to impress you so they mess up big time but ignoring wont help the other person. I know we all have good reason to ignore someone but
  3. Hey I am sorry I just wanted to say hello to you I hope your well. That is all.  I hope that was alright. 

    1. kaguya


      Hey so i am good! How about you! :)

  4. If anyone has talked to caningabottom can you please tell him i need to talk to him Its important
  5. Chocolate So if your private chatting with a spanker and you dont really know him that well yet and he ask you for a picture. Would you send him a picture of you? or would you wait until you get to know him more
  6. wheelbarrow. Which part of your body you dont want spanked? Back, privates, breasts or butt hole.
  7. Oops sorry I messed up Monopoly Do you prefer to be Naked? Half? Or Dressed for your spanking?.
  8. Just want to say hello.



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  9. so very true I like that

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