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  1. What aspects of spanking do you think may keep it from going entirely mainstream and accepted as normative behavior by vanilla society?? Is there anything we could be doing as a community to help "normalize" spanking?? Initially two misperceptions pop into my mind about spanking that may contribute to its taboo reputation: a.) the leftover taint of childhood corporal punishment from a bygone era and the association of spanking with child abuse b.) the association spanking has in some quarters with "wife beating" or patriarchal control over women by treating them like children What other myths or disinformation keep floating around out there that may hinder spanking from being an accepted component of human sexuality and/or seen as an effective tool for self-growth ??? (Just on a side note, I think spanking DID go viral and had its day in the sun with the Fifty Shades series for sure...but I do believe that wave has now crested and it's back in the closet. Also I think spanking got muddled together with other Fifty Shades themes like D/s and the "mommy porn" craze.)
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