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I get asked what my username refers to quite frequently so I thought I would write it out and direct people here when I get asked about it.

My username is a punchline to a joke....

the joke is rock n' roll related for any music enthusiasts out there... and it goes something like this:

So back around 1965-1966 the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were at the top of their game musically and were fiercely competing and one-upping each other on musical innovation and pushing the boundaries of Rock. The Beatles had released the innovative "Rubber Soul" album...which blew everybody away. The Rolling Stones countered a few months later with their album "Aftermath," a huge success. At a Beatles press conference shortly after this, Ringo was asked by a reporter if he was knew what the new Beatles album would be called, and he deadpanned, "AfterGeometry."

The joke loses a lot in translation and Ringo's Liverpool accent kinda nails it...at any rate, that is where I got my username.

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