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  1. Well now you have been duly informed and you have no more excuses.
  2. It's impolite to point out when an ER is being hypocritical, remember ??
  3. Have you ever been shamed for your kink? Have you ever had an overwhelming urge to confess to a "normie" that you either love to be spanked, love to spank, or have tremendous love for any other kink only to be met with a glazed over look of utter indifference or even worse, condemnation and repulsion...as if you're some kind of freak ??? I have learned a few lessons about this, wondering if anybody has tips or anything to add: 1. Most people do not care about your kinks. Even kinky people only want to hear about it if it happens to perfectly align with their own kinks. For inst
  4. There is some old wise saying about being seen but not heard ???
  5. Weird thing to smile about. Maybe you need a rest.
  6. Oh poor thing , getting tired of writing same number every time? Awwww. Tragedy I know.
  7. You think you're right. But AG is not so sure about that.
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