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  1. There is a word I detest that is often used in the spanking community that grates on my nerves: "scene." Why does a spanking session have to be referred to as a "scene?" To me that word alludes to something being artificial or contrived, similar to play-acting. In any future relationship I have it is my hope that spanking unfolds in a natural, unforced, and authentic manner; as a response to the organic rhythms and flow of a relationship and the needs of the EE. To call it a "scene" implies an intrusion on reality...something set apart and acted out. We don't think of making love or french kissing or carpooling to work in this manner, so why is it done with spanking? Maybe I'm just obtuse and don't understand lol. ?‍♂️
  2. I am curious to see how my fellow SN members are doing in their work lives and to roughly see who is in the labor market or doing other things. You do not have to get specific, just some general categories you can choose from if you wish to participate. If you feel like expanding further in the comments feel free. Also interested if the pandemic affected your employment in any way, if at all. Thanks for playing along if you choose to do so!!!
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