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  1. You can consent to being spanked or have sex, yet these are physical acts with a "payoff" that is sensual, and felt as a bodily sensation. Humiliation is just mere words. So I give consent to be humiliated, so how does that work? If I am overcome with waves of titilation and sexual glee anytime I am called fat or bald or ridiculed for having a small apparatus (for example)...then how is that humiliating to me? I would be getting a thrill from it. So in that sense 'consenting to humiliation' is an oxymoron. How can you be humiliated over something that actually turns you on and gets you off? Actual humiliation is never hot and would actually be quite traumatic, soul-diminishing and cruel. I dunno maybe I am overthinking it.
  2. I dunno , I am reading this differently I guess. The psychologist is talking about a specific kink, not all kinks, and nothing at all to do with spanking. Right? A "humiliation kink" (whatever that is) does seem rather cruel and something a bully would get off on. And how does a person "consent" to a humiliation fetish ? Wouldn't that preclude, by definition, any feelings of actual humiliation anyway by the one being "humiliated"? "Consensual humiliation" then seems rather daft. So I read this as a valid point. If you're shaming your partner's body, then you probably are an abusive asshole.
  3. After administrating a spanking then it's straight to Sex, Sex, Sex, and Sex. No discussion necessary. I thought this was routine knowledge???!!!!! ???
  4. It's right there in the name of the video, sir. "Bad Tushy" is likely her screen name. Do a Google and she is all over the place. Happy travels....
  5. Good speech. I think you reassured yourself there at the end. I like the positive thinking and it seems like you will be just fine whatever happens...cheers ?
  6. @Zhev is being banned because EE's have no business banning anybody, and I don't know who the heck she thinks she is trying to pull off something so audacious.
  7. Personal messages from my Inbox. I'm at like 98% capacity so I need to do some pruning , but since the new design took over I can no longer find the delete feature in my inbox. I can still select certain messages, but the "garbage can" icon is missing so there is nowhere for them to go. I am accessing on Android if that matters.
  8. Sigh. Nobody has anything to say; just posting numbers. Okay I get the message. 156
  9. I would say though it is still ideal to maintain a sane and adaptive work-life balance. It's certainly not healthy to remain so engrossed in work that you don't have a minute to yourself. 40 or 50 hours per week (in a just and sane world) should be more than enough time to sacrifice in order to make a living. I still have yet to hear anyone on their death bed bemoaning the fact they didn’t spend more time in the office!!! ?
  10. 152... I am liking this trajectory. And...No cheating EEs...I have installed security cameras so even if you thought you could get away with it...nope think again.
  11. I don't see what could stop anybody underage from creating a profile here. It's not like we check IDs at the door. I also don't see much incentive for someone underage to accurately and truthfully report their actual age to anybody on this site. That would be the equivalent of them telling on themselves and thus ruining all their fun. If you're an ER who hangs in Chat and/or engages routinely with younger EEs on this site it's best practice to steer clear of anyone declaring themselves younger than 25 years of age, or at least be especially astute and careful in your vetting procedures if your plan is to eventually meet in person... Oh oh whoops, ha ha, that reminds me SN is not a hook-up site anyway so of course you wouldn't be doing anything like that. ?
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