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  1. What Do You Tell Yourself When Times Get Hard?

    I don't think I could handle the worst day of my life. I think I would rather die than have to suffer thru that. It's scary, but that day is coming, it's only inevitable. I guess all I can do is make myself as strong as I can be with the time I have left. But nobody knows when that day will spring itself on me. I likely will not be ready. FF, I would like to know how you got thru it in one piece. In all likelihood, you probably weren't 100% prepared either. I don't think anybody can be.
  2. What Do You Tell Yourself When Times Get Hard?

    It can often be just a matter of perspective, like you say. One thing I try to do is not make it about me. There are many things we take for granted...just living in this period of time in a vibrant society makes us very lucky. It kind of puts our "first world problems" into proper perspective. I would also recommend tuning out of social media, TV, etc for awhile..and try not to isolate yourself...focus on being around friends, family.
  3. Bruising?

    I just personally think bruises are very unattractive looking, and I would spank in such a way as to mitigate them entirely. However, if I was in a committed relationship with an EE and she desired to be spanked in such a way that bruises were inevitable, well...we could work something out.
  4. Happy 42nd Birthday AG!  Why thank you, thank you very much.  May I live to my 43rd.  

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    2. Powpaulie


      Happy birthday to us, AG! (Mine was Wednesday. I'm a year older than you!). Hope you've been having a great day! 

    3. AnnieMia


      Happy Birthday, AG! I hope you had a great day and have a happy and memorable year. Thank you for all of your contributions to SN.

    4. gingerlee


      Happy birthday old man! Who is giving you your birthday spanking?

  5. CNN:  Drowsy driving is a factor in almost 10% of crashes, study finds. (Not that I'm singling anybody out.) ...just sayin...:ph34r:

    1. gingerlee


      That's why I sleep in my car so much. ;) If I'm tired, I will pull off and take a nap even if I'm only 5 minutes from home. Last night, I took a 2 hour nap before I went home because I could barely finish my shift I was so sleepy. 

    2. michgal.k


      Translation, AG will be paying your bills so just forward them along to him!

    3. shygurl


      This would apply to so many of us. I sleep little and am always tired.

  6. Thank you Miss

    What a bunch of Doubting Thomases. Smh.
  7. For spankees: Why do you want to be spanked?

    You're underage, son. Come back when you can read directions. Presumably after you're a legal adult.
  8. Journaling

    Your friend AG will volunteer to read them. AG will give you honest constructive feedback.
  9. Over the desk

    Yup, that was my secretary and I at lunch break today. She was late on a couple TPS reports. Maybe tomorrow I will get them on time.
  10. guess i'm in trouble coming home tonight

    "Oh, so you think I'm mean? I will show you mean..." whack, whack, whack. "I can't sleep because I keep having to spank you for not letting me sleep..." whack, whack, whack Dude, run for the hills. She might be a sociopath.
  11. guess i'm in trouble coming home tonight

    You get a spanking for telling her she is mean? I guess she doesn't take feedback very well. This doesn't sound like a good time.
  12. Fact: No spankee is ever too cute to be in trouble. 

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    2. AnnieMia


      That is more opinion than fact. I am pretty sure spankees can change a spanker's mind on occasion by sheer cuteness. 🐶🐥🐨🐵

    3. michgal.k


      Good to know.

    4. annie83


      Fact: this sort of feels like a challenge... ;)

  13. Spanking creams

    Just a stab in the dark...but I know after a sunburn rubbing in some Aloe Vera gel is quite soothing.
  14. Is spanking the most harmless thing?

    Non-sexual spanking could also fit under the "kink" label perhaps...I could be wrong but a "kink" may not need to be as directly related to sexual release as a fetish or paraphilia does. However in my view, non-sexual spanking seems more like "therapy" for lack of a better term...it seems Spankees come out relieved and refreshed if everything works out.
  15. Pain management

    Your average Spankee is a masochist, so they are engrossed by the pain and luxuriate in it, so I'm told. No need for chew toys.