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  1. No you're the "odder" ball between the two of us , by a substantial margin I would even boldly assert.
  2. 148 to the precipice of Mount Victory!!!!
  3. Woke up, fell out of bed/Dragged a comb across my head/Found my way downstairs and drank a cup/And looking up, I noticed I was late

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    2. AfterGeometry


      Okay I should know this being a longtime Beatle fanatic but I am not English so there are some things lost in translation...so what are the 4000 holes in Lancaster?  Is it bombs dropped from Nazi planes or some reference to coal mines?? Or smoking cigarettes? Lol.  

    3. Longtimespanking


      I'm no expert on this stuff, but was in my teens when the song came out and heard various interpretations,  this one is accurate and relates to John Lennon reading the newspaper, he was actually referring to potholes in the roads:

      "Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire"

      Another Daily Mail article, about a politician commenting on the state of repair of Blackburn's roads - yes, they were potholes! Lennon made the phrase surreal by treating the holes as objects that could "fill the Albert Hall" (London's Royal Albert Hall, a famous Victorian concert venue).

    4. AfterGeometry


      That sounds like a very valid theory regarding the holes!!  I concur!! 

  4. It would be funny if somebody posted an odd number.
  5. I don't agree with your answer actually. Should we just agree to disagree ??
  6. Your positive attitude is commendable I just wish it was more contagious...(i.e. AG must have been vaxxed for positive attitude.)
  7. I mean I guess that's a predictable, if not reasonable, answer.
  8. I guess that's a reasonable, if not predictable, answer.
  9. 140. Am I supposed to wait for numbers to moderate....as in tilt back to 100 ??? Naw don't wanna!!!!
  10. When everything else in the world seems topsy turvy and unpredictable, you can always stroll on back to SN and witness the same old shenanigans and predictable (psycho?) babble. 🤪 I hope everything is going okay for you and your family Rand E.
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