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  1. We are starting to repeat ourselves 🤣
  2. Just a thought or concern....perhaps it may not be ideal to be focusing on such subject matter when you're simultaneously working at a high stress occupation...but then again, what do I know? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ perhaps it helps you focus. . 😂
  3. I just discovered this, just wanted to share.. ... something coaches tell young baseball players in Spring Training but I thought it applicable to us here as well... There are two different types of pain in life -- the pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. The pain of discipline involves the daily sacrifices made to achieve a greater goal, such as getting proper sleep, eating right and staying hydrated - and any punishments you get for not following your plan. The penalty for not enduring that pain is the pain of disappointment -- of not reaching your goals, of not maximizing your potential - of not being everything you can be for your loved ones and people who rely on you. I am sure sometimes that "pain of disappointment" is worse than the physical pain of discipline. [BUT I'M AN ER AND WOULDN'T KNOW...SUCKS TO BE AN EE.] 😝 Okay just kidding. It's probably good general advice for anybody...
  4. SpankeeGal is banned for accusing ME, AG, of assuming something which only she could ever truly know, so AG shouldn't get banned for that...unfair. Absurd. Completely Preposterous. [As if AG could read EE brains. AG would be rich. ]
  5. I know some more "un"-words, hold on. 😝
  6. Unfortunately unctuous AG unknowingly asked for ungrateful EEs (usually SpankeeGal) undivided attention which is at the utmost useless and unclear.
  7. I'll be up. I will throw you some word associations in the other game. Your mind works in interesting ways. !! (supposed to be a compliment) 😝
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