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  1. I would say if drag racing 20 years ago is the #1 thing you feel the most guilty about in life, I would say you have it pretty good, and that you should count your blessings and not worry so much. Smh.
  2. @gingerlee Okay this one is getting close to it's statute of limitations. You must have really thought we had some true adrenaline junkies around here. Maybe something a little more tame.
  3. Excellent job @Sadie !!!! The baton is now handed to you...
  4. Can "Tago Mago" 1971. Omg the track 'Halleluwah' will put you in a trance. Also, might be good to spank to, lol.
  5. AG has a public speaking phobia. AG has a trapped in a confined space phobia. AG has a snake phobia.
  6. WTH is quirt ??? What has shygurl been smokin? Transgressor - For an EE, gingerlee is perhaps the arch transgressor.
  7. It's hard to think. I am trying.
  8. Nobody wants to play Forum Games with AG.   He doesn't cheat!!!!  :cry:

    1. shygurl


      Who was changing games by making up new rules in the middle of them. Something about having to use the word in a sentence?

  9. Witness a public spanking Give up the internet for six months Or Give up your cell phone for six months
  10. P - Petulant AG does not think he is above anyone and little_joy is just being petulant for thinking so.
  11. N = ne'er-do-well Zhev, goodboy-will, little_joy, gingerlee, etc. are all ne'er-do-wells.
  12. Zhev is banned for playing the victim.
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