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  1. @Sadie I know, I was very broad and sloppy as to what sort of relationships I was addressing in this post. I guess I first started out talking about my own situation...which is a ER who is looking for a long term romantic relationship with one EE. But then I broadened the question at the end, in an attempt to include the entire spanking community... but I was especially interested hearing from those in vanilla relationships but who are allowed to partake in spanking activities with others. Your situation is even more intricate than that, and so it's been intriguing to hear how everything plays out for you. But overall yes, the scope of my inquiry regarding jealousy should have been more precise.
  2. @Sadie "Other interests" in this case would be auditioning other suitors at the same time as getting to know me. I suppose though, if you're not in a committed relationship with that person, then everybody else is still 'fair game' so to speak. I should have been more precise in my language.
  3. I have wanted to tackle the question of jealousy in relationships (spanking and non-) for some time now, so I guess here we go. I have been told I suffer a bit from a jealously streak when I find myself interested in somebody. I tend to want that person all to myself and can get a little chafed if I feel they are pursuing other interests at the same time. Now I always thought a little bit of jealousy is normal in a relationship. I think it's good to want to be able to devote your full attention to somebody and be fully in the moment and engaged when you are in their company. I also understand there is a fine line, and harboring too much jealousy can turn somebody into an obsessive, paranoid tyrant. So I have some questions for the audience: do I have it wrong...is jealousy -always- a bad thing? How has jealousy played out (or not) in your relationships? (From my observations lately, it seems women are a lot less hung up on jealousy issues than I can be.) Do you believe men are more prone to it than women? And then what baffles me the most, are those spankos who are in vanilla relationships, and your vanilla partner allows you to go outside the relationship to fulfill your needs....how does the jealousy factor play out in those situations???? WOW! Okay, thanks for your input.
  4. That's a good point about making sure it's a "live selfie." I have had people send me their pics, but they were years in the past. And they happen to appear a lot different present day.
  5. Welcome back!  ;)

  6. I have been disappointed lately with Admins decision to remove entire threads from the website. (I am talking in particular about the threads "what is a mentor?" and "what is a bully?" ) I think these can be educational tools and good case studies for us to ponder in the future on How Not to Behave in here. If people want to make fools of themselves, they should be able to do so and reap the consequences. These posts shed light on their character that otherwise gets obscured when the entire thread gets removed. There have also been legitimate and interesting points being raised within the threads themselves that get wiped out completely when this happens. The baby gets thrown out with the bath water. In general I dont think it's right to delete content unless it is flagrantly against the rules or inflammatory. The OPs of these threads knew exactly what they were doing and shouldn't be saved by Admin when the thread goes South on them. If nothing else, just remove the problematic language from certain posts, but leave the entire thread up as a learning tool.
  7. What is wrong with the Cardinals?? I don't get it.  

    1. badbabybilly34


      They are struggling to get there offense going but they have come back to win this year so far


  8. Could you elaborate on that, please, kaycee?
  9. I pretty much have the same thing to say as Spanknutt. It mainly depends on how long you have been talking. If it has been multiple contacts per day ongoing for four or five months, I would perhaps begin to worry. Having Skype as your only way of communication waves a red flag to me. A serious relationship would require you knowing their phone number at least. You don't have a full commitment from somebody unless you have the means of contacting them whenever you need them.
  10. If she drove herself home, I would confiscate her keys, because that's inexcusable. However if she got home in a responsible manner, I would ease up a little. People need to blow off steam and unwind with their friends once in awhile.
  11. I would only counter that with the fact if the DUI's all came when he was actively drinking, but now he is not, and has a record of sobriety to show for it...I would say give the guy a chance. People turn over new leafs all the time, and people deserve second chances.
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