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  1. If they are blissfully ignorant that you share the site with them, you can just keep an eye on everything from a distance. No use outing each other as spankos prematurely. Just let it play out.
  2. A discipline spanking is a deterrent given in real time for a breach in the agreed upon protocol or rules set forth between the ER and the EE. If it's done quickly after the initial transgression, it can help lessen the psychological turmoil felt by the EE for breaching protocol. After the discipline spanking, the EE should feel that a weight has been lifted, and a clean slate has been made for moving forward without any lingering resentments. Furthermore it's crucial that the EE comes to feel that her wayward impulses were decisively checked, her ER's "red lines" or boundaries have been convincingly enforced, and that everything is calm and back to stasis for the time being.
  3. You say "most if not all" of us got spanked growing up, and I don't find that to be the case at all. In fact, I never heard of anyone getting spanked while I was growing up, although this could be a regional and/or generational difference.
  4. Good for you!! This sounds like something I would like to do. But I'm sure the process is different here in the States. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I miss talking! Hope all is well ❤️

    1. Chastener


      I'm still here!

  6. I wish I could reply to this in rhyme, but I am not as talented as you are, my friend. I would just caution that it can be just as prideful and perhaps foolish to glorify your humble and modest endeavors as it would be to boast about vast wealth or all the beautiful women you may have slept with and all the successful children you sired with them. And don't be so sure that you have saved yourself from the F students and losers, because it appears to me we all end up in the same place when all is said and done. (And anyway, aren't they God's children too?)
  7. You know yourself the best gravano. Stay clear of all this. My best wishes to you and a healthy way forward.
  8. Yes, that would be spinach and one banana. CYP a sugary cereal?
  9. Corner time and writing lines when spanking is not enough.
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