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  1. The responses on this post are amazing. Thanks to you all for sharing. I knew I was inclined this way early on but the last people I wanted spanking me were caretakers or guardians. I am not sure why but perhaps I was embarrassed that I craved it. And I wasn't about to let someone into my inner life. They were also more inclined to give impromptu smacks as opposed to what we would call a spanking.
  2. A little late to the party but just came to say that thanks. I really enjoyed and connected with the glimpse into the past of a person that grew up with in a time not that long ago when people with this interest felt as though they were alone.
  3. I am not opposed to adults getting spanked as a real form of attonement provided they consent. But using it as a state sanctioned penalty presents challenges. There is a larger question as to how the state delivers justice and what that really means. But even ignoring that if we assume that some form of corporal punishment is acceptable we are still left with some difficult problems. In Singapore offenders can have scars for life. Is that appropriate for vandalism, for example? And if the punishment is designed to leave no permanent harm then we have the opposite problem. How would you regulate the sentence so that each offender receives equal justice? This does not mean that I believe prison is better or less cruel only that I dont think in the real world such a system is conducive to the type of society we are used to.
  4. I am getting fairly hostile toward social media as I age. It seems just a forum for people to opine on opinions that were whackadoodle from the start. I mirror your sentiments above but i think you left something out. Why is social media so big? How can FB have a valuation larger than the GDP of most countries? Because unlike previous media this is 2 way communication. As you like or dislike or follow you are getting dissected. Some of it is innocuous. Maybe an advertiser wants you to use their product. Some of it is not. What we find is that our opinions are not entirely our own. We can and often are coaxed. And that's ok, that's how the brain works..well..sort of. No one knows how the brain works, least of all me. But think about how social media can lead you to believe that everyone is doing "X." Because a few incidents get magnified. Images get corrupted or even altered easier thann in old style broadcast media. Bots exist to make you think that someone has throngs of people following them. And because of this power it influences and when you can influence you have unlimited funds to work with. Anyway, I dont think social media is inherently evil. I just think that you dont let a private company have such influence without some safeguards.
  5. Just a random thought: 20' long paddles Hell of a time getting a good swing but then again...you wouldn't need much 😁
  6. I've found that it is useful for when you stored an implement someplace and you can't remember and nothing else at hand will do, so you need time to find it. I never got into it as a bottom until one time I had to do it. While standing there I started rubbing and the ER caught me and had me stand hands on wall while she went to town with a cooking spoon... Afterwards it was like "oh, now I get it!"
  7. Knock on wood....I still go to work daily And with everyone else working from home I'm actually around less people here than anywhere else.. As far as the rest, outside of my gym it's not like I went out a lot anyway So, outside of a much easier commute not much changed for me
  8. There were so many, most from before my time: Gidget (she seemed to get spanked quite often, which is the only reason to watch the show), Andy Griffith, countless times in the Beverly Hillbillies (it was always Jethro and never Ellie Mae...dammit!) By the 70's/80's/90's there were very few spanking references on television but some memorable ones: One Day at a Time: the lead female character gives one paddle swat to a boy at the end of an episode Little House on The Prairie: lot's of referenced spanking But one just keeps running through my head and I can't tell anymore if I was just dreaming it or if it really happened: I think it was on Kate and Allie: A young girl borrows her mothers formal wear without telling her, then runs off to a party of some sort. Her mother and her older friend (really more of a mentor, who she greatly admires) confront her at the party. The mother threatens to spank her and her older friend backs it up by offering to hold her down. If someone out there remember this please tell me where this is from, I've been trying forever to find that episode.
  9. This may get frowny faces from some but I have to ask, what exactly is an "empath?" Does that mean they can know your emotions? Does it mean they feel them with you? Yes, some people are good at picking up cues about another person't emotional state and yes we all can to some degree. And finally, yes, when our friends are sad it's natural for us to be sad as well. But using a word like empath implies something more. That she has some special insight. Whether she knows she is incorrect or whether she honestly believes what she says it is not productive. I'm not saying she's a bad person or that this is someone you should be wary of but rather I'm asking why she didn't just say "you look like you're having some sort of problem and I will listen to your problems and if I can I would like to make you feel better?" Then you could decide how far to take the conversation. I wasn't there, of course, so unlike an empath I can't give you definite answers but here's something to consider: By stating her empathic ability she might have lead you to say more than you would otherwise. It's the same concept that "psychics" use. People tend to give them more information than if they just said "I'm good at applying knowledge of statistically likely facts to get you to tell me things." Regardless of her intent she now has insights into your personality and interests that maybe a coworker not need know (even a coworker who;'s a friend). But now you've opened up to her so she knows. Whether inadvertently or purposefully she gained a sort of dominant position. You expressed an interest in her and she declined but will still guide you into expanding your circle. Well, I'm sure that you are very capable of managing your own circle, square, hexagon or even irregular polygon. . Once again, I have no doubt that your friend sincerely believes she wants to (or can) help but if I were in the same situation I would maintain a good working relationship with her and just let her go practice her empathic skills on someone else. I know, I'm a big meanie! But I also have experience with people who want to dig into your life and then after they do you are exactly in the same place as before. But they satisfied their curiosity. If I were in this position I would keep a good, friendly relationship with this person. And if she were to ask about my "circle" I would tell her that I'm "just not there yet" or that "I'm waiting for my charkas to sync up."
  10. I was wondering what the future of not only spanking but all human contact will be as VR improves. The biggest problem with VR for is a sense of touch but haptic devices exist though still prohibitively expensive. I don't know what the limits of these things are but if the market demands it will get better. There are probably physical constraints as to how much energy or force you can transfer through these things (making it a challenge to truly paint someone's back porch) but with complete immersion it can seem more intense than it is. I guess I can imagine a world where you interact through an avatar which might look nothing like you or the person you meet in the virtual world. And with appropriate hardware these individuals can interact with each other in any number of ways. It's a scary thought isn't it? Already you can immerse yourself in a chat with someone who might be nothing like who you think they are. But you are just reading text and your mind is doing the rest. If you meet an avatar that looks like your dream partner (whether it be male, female or the freaking Cookie Monster) you would have no idea who is really behind it and it would seem real to you. And, for their part they wouldn't know the difference either.
  11. Been trying for decades now....customer service sucks!
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