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  1. Well, we were here in 1980...1880...even 80 ad so...yes, probably. Fun fact, a roman fertility rite involved spanking women on the bared buttocks. It probably did increase fertility, but not for the reasons they thought
  2. This question is regrettably all too important. When I started exploring this oh so many years ago (hint, even before the Macarena!) political or religious world views were of precisely zero relevance when discussing this. But then we learned how to narrowcast opinions (as opposed to broadcast) and instead of the entire world seeing the same events we are able to break up the population into segments. And this creates a sort of feedback loop. When I attended a spanking party in 2000, for example, I couldn't tell, or care, who believed what. It was mostly just fun. If you take any two people and delve deeply enough into their opinions you will find irreconcilable differences. For example, if you put ketchup on a hot dog you are evil and beyond redemption.
  3. Theres a saying here: "Never let your wife buy carpeting" because for years you've been telling her that the approximate length of your index finger is 8 inches
  4. I think the big difference is whether or not the activity was professional (as in, exchange of money). Some Pros used and probably still use consent forms. However I dont think this form was ever challenged in court. I am curious if it would ever stand up. I dont think any waiver stands up if the service provider is negligent, whether it is spanking or installing kitchen cabinets.
  5. Thanks for sharing! We should have some sort of sub topic where people try to find hidden images in post spanking marks. Kind of like seeing faces in clouds
  6. Ok, I dont do much nature stuff but if that is what they mean by "scenic" I'll have to start going to them
  7. As for the panty shopping: I wouldn't overthink it. I've gone into stores and bought things with no intent of using them for their original purpose. As far as the toy store: I've been in many. They want you asking those types of questions. If you aren't asking those types of questions they have a really unwelcoming store. In fact the help will probably have plenty of info and share it willingly. They want you walking out with arm loads of stuff so...yeah, it'll be fine, just fine 😁
  8. There are numerous real world problems with this but if we just suspend reality for a moment we still have a problem. When would any actual work get done? Half the organization would be purposely messing up and the other half would scruitinize every detail looking for errors:)
  9. There is a company I used in California that sells bulk rattan. Some craft stores may carry As I recall it is an inexpensive material. Dont get the coils IMO, get a few lbs of straight...maybe 3/8 but ok to experiment 5 lbs is a lot! Probably enough material to cane everyone you know and then some Sandpaper to smooth it out and something to cut to length is all you really need I dont recommend varnish as it may flake and end up where you dont want it For an added touch get some latex tool dip and some thin wire Wrap the wire tightly in a coil at the end, dip in latex and bingo, instant handle. And from there you can get creative. Soak in water to make it pliable and you can make loopy canes
  10. There are tons of creative punishments but here is one I learned a long time ago that is pure hell: A clothespin on the tongue (wooden or plastic) and in between put an alka seltzer tablet Sounds odd but it is very unpleasant. And as far as I can see, mostly harmless assuming you're using a normal clothespin and not some industrial strength item used to hang horse blankets.
  11. Depends on what you mean by acting inappropriately and what type of relationship you are in. Does inappropriate mean something mildly annoying or something more problematic, perhaps even insulting. If your spanker is completely insensitive to your feelings then it's time to decide how to manage the arrangement. And what type of arrangement is it? Are the misdeeds just an excuse to engage in spanking (and there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with that!) or is there a deeper goal? A good spanker is going to be aware of your feelings. Mind you, I said aware. We are all human. It's easy to forget little things. And no matter how far to the EE side someone is it is always key that they say something when their ER gets out of line. In fact, we find that if an EE tells us something is wrong we tend to correct it. When they don't and we don't know about it, it tends to get worse. Now, as far as consequences, that is a problem! One possibility is that a spanking relationship have a moderator of sorts. Someone who can view a situation impartially and speak to both the EE and the ER. Note: insulting behavior does not require any such intermediary. Always tell an ER immediately if they do something hurtful. We don't always know, most often it's not meant to be and yes, even ERs have bad days now and again. Assuming that this is not a serious problem you can have fun with this! If, for example your ER does something out of line and an impartial judge agrees you can get awarded a "freebie" or perhaps your ER has to watch a Sandra Bullock movie (though this punishment should be reserved for only the most serious capital offenses!) I am not of the school of thought that says ER's can never get a coat of paint on their back porch, but a) that isn't for everyone and b) an EE would probably want someone else to do it if they want to view their ER as having a dominant role (but again, to each their own on that one).
  12. I dont know what product or service your company provides.. but if they spank their customers I'll damn well find a reason to use it! ðŸĪŠ
  13. The pillows can help a little....they will get the hips up... That is a small strap and quite thin, It stands to reason you'll need to get some speed to make it effective. If she's not comfortable with it yet she can practice on a cushion. Honestly so long as you stay away from sensitive areas you should be good to go. So, I think a brisk pace with some fairly good arm behind it should make it effective
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