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  1. I've thought about moving to Montana...raise me up a crop of dental floss. Raising it up...waxing it down...in a little white box I can sell uptown. Yes...moving to Montana soon..gonna be a dental floss tycoon. ūü§£
  2. Hi do both of you spank?  I would love to find a couple that is willing to take a naughty one over their knee   Respectfully,  michael

  3. Here's ours in action being used by my wife on a naughty young lady friend of ours.
  4. The Redecker short bath brush is a near identical item to the famed Vermont Country Store bath brush. It is indeed a fearsome implement. Ours has received lots of use over the years.
  5. Try looking for a solid wood backed clothes brush. https://www.amazon.com/Cokaka-Clothes-Garment-Horsehair-Furniture/dp/B07FYJSPPF?th=1&psc=1
  6. OTK with a smaller wooden paddle is my favorite both as a giver and reciever.
  7. I bought a Hank's Gunner a several months back. I wear it everyday and love it. Previous belts of mine would eventually end up with stretched out holes and would curl. I don't think that's ever going to happen with this thing. It's a heavy duty piece of quality leather. I've used it on a willing participant and it does a fine job of delivering justice.
  8. I tried to send you a message, but get an error saying you can't receive messages. 

  9. I recall a Rippley's Believe It or Not book that had the very thing you describe in one of my middle school classroom libraries in the early 1990s.
  10. In my experience, subtle hints are an exercise is frustration with a vanilla person. A heartfelt conversation which can be a frightening concept, tends to yield better results. Everyone has needs. Your wife might have some that aren't being met. Perhaps an adult conversation between life partners about making sure each other's mental and sexual health needs are being met? I know...it's easier said than done...but if you have a committed and loving relationship already your partner should be more apt to be receptive. Secrets fester and cause stress and strain on a relationship. My opinion is honestly is the best policy. Obviously your experience may be different than mine, but I think you need to be direct with someone who isn't wired this way.
  11. Lots of household items are great but everyone should own a few quality handmade purpose specific implements because you're worth it. Most convenience stores sell Visa gift cards in a wide variety of amounts. It's fairly anonymous online shopping if you want it to be. I own pieces from Compass Rose, Cane-iac, Ouch.UK and others. I've also made my fair share with my jigsaw and sanders. Treat yourself to something nice from one of these great craftspeople now and again. You won't regret an heirloom quality strap or an exotic wood paddle joining your collection in my experience. Just my two cents.
  12. Like I prefer a bottom....bare and darkly roasted.
  13. Late 30s married couple will be visiting the Rochester, MN area for a few days in mid April 2019. Willing to provide safe and sane disciplinary type spanking for younger females or possibly a male. Can host during our stay. Message me if you are interested. Just a normal couple that understands the need. No sex, no games, no flakes. References available.
  14. Waxing and waning. I have used those exact words in the past to describe my penchant for spanking to my wife. Even during the waning periods it's still there but not at the forefront of my thoughts. I'm guessing I'd be waxing more often than not if daily life didn't get in the way.
  15. Mid 30s couple in central Iowa here. Message me and tell me more about yourself and what you are looking for.
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