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  1. I think it's worth trying. That is, unless your job or something is under a lot of public scrutiny. If your reputation is very important, it may not be worth what they'll do to it. If you're not likely to make the news, the harm that can come from reporting it is more limited. Rape is a lot more common than I think most people realize and the only way anything MIGHT change is by taking action. I was raped on a job interview when I was 17. I was deeply ashamed and wasn't going to report it. After learning the same guy had done it to multiple women and they were told stupid things like they "did
  2. I have taken D/s a little further than just spanking. When an ex boyfriend raped me and I went to the police, they asked TONS of deeply personal questions that had nothing to do with the attack. They even asked if I came when he raped me. I had a history of text messages and Skype with him begging me not to report it. I took all of that to the police. Ultimately, they decided that there was no point pursuing charges because the judge could probably be convinced it was just a kinky game. After all, I consented to rough treatment before, so I couldn't possibly WITHDRAW that consent (even after b
  3. I once tried to bring it up to a therapist and I wound up needing a new therapist... They assumed I was being abused.
  4. As others have said, the key is consent. Some of us are drawn to DD. For me, it feels as natural as wanting a partner to begin with. That said, I know plenty of other people who find the very idea of adult to adult discipline horrifying. I have also met many men who prefer the exact opposite dynamic, where their wife is in charge. To legislate decisions that should be made with much discussion between two consenting partners, regarding a VERY intimate activity, is preposterous. It's simply legalizing spousal abuse of women and telling men who want to be on the receiving end of discipline that
  5. He sounds a bit daft to me. Whether or not he truly understands the need, surely he gets that you would like HIM to spank YOU...
  6. This is a really tough subject for me. I desperately NEED stress relief spankings but it's something my partner has to conduct on their own like typical punishment. They have to know me and notice when I am in a needy mood. The worst times for me are when I'm PMSing (or PMD, more accurately). I have intense hormonal swings where I become very emotional. Everything that is normally stressing me seems to weigh much more heavily and anything that occurs in addition to that can really break me. I withdraw, I feel like my partner doesn't want me, I feel ugly, I engage in a lot of negative self talk
  7. Sorry for the lack of response. I just dropped back in after being gone for a while. I'm still involved with the same guy I mentioned in another post. Though I can't get him to spank me, I'm worried he would be hurt if I did this with someone else, so I'm avoiding it for now.
  8. I'm very frustrated because my boyfriend isn't into it (they rarely are) and I need it REALLY BAD. I am back to looking for someone else to do it but I know I won't truly be fulfilled if it's not my partner.
  9. I honestly don't know. Some people seem to think it's rooted in some childhood experience but, for me, it just isn't.
  10. I did too! I was very well acquainted with the giant dictionary in the center of the library. After I read definitions of words I knew/liked, I would open the thesaurus and look up definitions of related words.
  11. When I am spanked, I tend to get really mushy and affectionate. I think of it as appreciative. I become (at least temporarily) very submissive. I can't go through those (e)motions with someone I'm not romantically involved with so it's nowhere near as satisfying. This need makes it so difficult to find the right partner. I wish I could just disconnect from it and be "normal."
  12. I hid it... I was ashamed of the interest I had in it. I was glued to the screen if I saw it on cartoons or movies. If someone else walked into the room though, I would either change the channel or pretend I wasn't paying attention because I was so afraid they would notice. It was like the porn of my childhood.
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