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  1. Hello Angela, Hope you don't mind a personal message response to your post. My first reaction to this older gentleman's attitude is that he must suck lemons, (and Is not much of a gentleman). Sounds like he was more angry for not finding his way than for your behavior. Even if it was only for going off your diet, I find his reaction troubling. My response is to actually say in an understanding manner that I'm not going to get angry, you're human and you gave in to a human weakness. As promised, you''re still going to get a very decent spanking and hopefully it will encourage/remind you the next time to try harder. Only going by the few details you gave, this guy is sending up more red flags that the Olympic Games in Beijing. A spanker with anger issues can be trouble. (And by the way, if you're within reasonable proximity to northern New Jersey I'd be glad to provide what you need without the anger). At any rate, wishing you well. - Spike
  2. Usually I provide aftercare; providing rubbing with soothing lotion. That aside, I've never objected to rubbing.
  3. "To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god." (Jorge Luis Borges)
  4. spike

    Kiss Me, Kate

    Quite similar to this, as a child I saw the movie McClintock. Just thought I was going to a western. It was going along OK, and suddenly, there was a spanking? (Apologies to Rude Rumps, we're all stealing her line). Only two spanks (with a coal shovel) shown, the rest off camera. But then, a second, even better spanking, with a longer build up. I was so excited, my heart beating so loud it felt like it drowned out the movie. Even thought I kept these feelings to myself for so long, by then my spanko status was set in stone.
  5. spike

    Kiss Me, Kate

    Went back to check Chross Blog, ( been a long time). They still have the Kiss Me, Kate section; 40-something clips from various productions. Some clips are no longer available, but about half can still be watched. Go to "Chross Blog- KMK" if interested. (Too bad the clip from the 1953 movie is no longer available here, but can be accessed elsewhere).
  6. I'd be surprised if there are many people here who have not seen the 1953 television version of Kiss Me, Kate, where Fred Graham spanks bratty Lilli Vanessi center stage, while performing Shakespear's "The Taming of the Shrew." I remember having seen it as a young child during one of the re-runs, and was mesmerized, dumbstruck, and excited beyond measure, having chanced upon the spanking scene quite by accident (probably switching channels searching for cartoons). And even though I was already fascinated by spanking, this was a defining moment. If not already, I, right then and there, became a (very young) hard core spanko, which I kept to myself for many years. Fast forward to yesterday, I came across a mislaid playbill from the Martin Beck Theatre for a production of Kiss Me, Kate. There was a revival of the show in 1999 - and sometime thereafter, around 20 years ago I saw the play on Broadway, accompanied by my new, beautiful, love of my life spanko girlfriend. We loved it, the entire show, the Cole Porter musical score, and especially the spanking. What acting, on both parts. But the point of this is to share something with my spanko friends. I thought, as did many, that Kiss Me, Kate was based on Shakespear's Taming of the Shrew. And while this is true, it turns out that Mr. Shakespeak stole (borrowed?) the idea from another, older source, which I learned during my college days: While taking a course on Spanish literature, we were required to read "El Conde Lucanor, Libro de Petronio" written in 1335 in Spain by Don Juan Manuel. The was a series of 51 short folktales, of which folktale #35 was titled (translated) "What Happened to a Young Man Who Married a Strong and Ill Tempered Woman". I specifically remember the professor, Dr. Ortega saying that Shakespear based his work on this folktale, as was Kiss Me, Kate. I remember the folktale very well, although there was no spanking in it. Moving ahead in history, in 1935 the husband and wife acting team of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne were performing The Taming of the Shrew. They were reported to have been battling both on and off stage (and I'd be willing to bet they were spankos, themselves). Loosely based on their portrayal and relationship, a producer hired another husband and wife team, Bella and Samuel Spewack to write this into a play, and in 1947 Kiss Me, Kate was born. (And I'll bet again that the Spewacks were also spankos). Cole Porter wrote the score. I've also seen several ameture productions - some with decent spanking, some not so good. Crossblog has (or used to have) many productions of Kiss Me, Kate. I think I've seen them all. All are encouraged to watch.
  7. Brittygirl expressed it best. This is over the line.
  8. Were it not for this, he would have continued spanking her ad infinitum.
  9. I remember that one. Charles Farrell spanks his adult daughter, Gail Storm (My Little Margie) on a love seat-type couch, with a young man squeezed in on the couch right next to them, looking somewhat bewildered. The spanking good; Margie's father did not hold back.
  10. Thank you, Child of Light.
  11. I had a dog named Spike as a kid. One day I mentioned it at work. There were several other people around and someone said: "maybe we should call YOU Spike. It just stuck.
  12. The absolute longest spanking (to the best of my knowledge) in a mainstream movie is an old movie made in 1931, "The Cow Catcher's Daughter". Andy Clyde spanks his adult daughter, Marjorie Beebe for at least a full five minutes, maybe longer (haven't watched it in a long time).
  13. Welcome from a Jersey boy.
  14. During my tenure in the club, spanking was going on in "public" (that is within the four walls) as well as in some private areas set up for role play. I spanked women in the public area - and there were always guests watching. It's a different dynamic than private spanking, which I actually prefer. None-the-less, it was still pretty exciting.
  15. Thank you, Olderguy; Problem solved.
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