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  1. Have to agree with californiadreamer on this. Sorry for you, Geometry, that you find this futile. For some of us this is therapy; love; excitement; stress relief, and just helps balance the rigors of every-day life. Were it not for spanking (and maybe one or two other activities), I'd be as self-absorbed with my problems as a tampon. Futility? The only futility with spanking for me is when there are no bottoms around.
  2. upgrading my favorite quote: "To love someone means to see him as God intended him." (Fyodor Dostoyevsky).
  3. The group to which I belonged (now defunct) used to have munches about every month, but in different parts of the state. I often attended the ones in my area. Naturally I attended to pursue my interest, but at the very least, it was good to be with like-minded people.
  4. Thank you, Lotsa, appreciate the response. Unlike you, although I can and do spank separately from a relationship, I cannot have a serious relationship without spanking. Unable to answer your general consensus question with any certainty. But back to the original question, I was never very good at bringing up the subject.
  5. I was never very good at this. Early on, I'd bring the subject up as a joke or an innocent passing comment, and see if they took the bait. But once, and one time only, after a few vanilla dates with a woman I really liked I just put it on the line. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday (paraphrasing a little of what I said; word for word what she said): - "I have to tell you something. I have an unusual interest, and really cannot get seriously involved with anyone who doesn't share it." - " What is it?" - " Spanking." - "Is that all?" She was a spa
  6. I always prefer spanking on the bare, but I'm flexible.
  7. Adding another seventh grade memory - regarding our French teacher. There's the expression "she had a body that just wouldn't quit", well she had a body that not only just wouldn't quit, but it wouldn't even take five minutes off for a coffee break. She ALWAYS wore skirts as tight as a drum skin, and every time she turned around to erase the blackboard, the undulations of her buttocks could have caused a boy scout to throw away his medals. If I had spent half as much time paying attention to the lessons as I did fantasizing about spanking her, I would probably be living in Paris about now.
  8. Not local but able to help you on a part-time basis.
  9. After reading your "About Me" bio, I wish I were a little younger.
  10. After reading your "About Me" bio, I wish I were a little younger.
  11. Don't know what kind nor anything about implants, which is why I ask. Will deal with manner if someone with the voice of authority tells me it will not cause damage.
  12. Does anybody know if it's safe to spank someone with butt implants?
  13. As with many of us, this has been with me since my earliest childhood memories. Growing up and into young adulthood there were a few opportunities to spank some willing bottoms, but I always held back a bit, stopped way too soon, afraid of causing damage, overstepping the (imagined) established parameters, or whatever other guilt ran through my mind. Even during marriage to a vanilla partner, she berated me when I mentioned that spanking was a long held fantasy. So I tried to bury the thoughts, unsuccessfully. So after divorce and many years ago, I discovered the internet... and other sp
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