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  1. This has been with me from my earliest memories.
  2. The last time was a couple of years ago, in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot on a Sunday afternoon. She insisted on keeping her jeans on, and the spanking was continuously interrupted; I stopped every time someone walked by. Of course, I treated her to coffee.
  3. From an ER point of view: I think I posted about this a while ago. The play group to which I belonged (now defunct for all intents and purposes) used to allow me many opportunities to spank willing females. There were a few I played with regularly (we usually met once a month as a group, but individually a few times more per month). One woman in particular must have had a bionic butt. No matter how hard I spanked (and I've been weight training for many years) could cause a peep out of her. Even the most serious paddles - she just smiled and said: "that's child's play", or: "is that all you've got?" I'm listing these as the my worst (but it was still fun).
  4. Although the last one was quite a while ago, I've administered about 10 car spankings. Although I certainly prefer the privacy of being inside a house, there was something ineffable, the possibility that some passerby (even though I parked in a secluded spot, when available) might see, that just increased the excitement. It was cramped and a bit awkward, but absolutely worth every moment. All the women were otk, (difficult for the taller ones), most were bare bottom (jeans/panties pulled down but not removed), all hand-spanked. I'd gladly repeat in a heartbeat...but the dwindling number of female EEs I now meet have outgrown the car.
  5. Agreeing with DougK and -ria, I don't believe that story for one minute.
  6. Interesting subject, Amethyst. Like everyone, I only speak for myself. Although spanking is both intimate and sexual, there have been very few women I did not, or would not spank when the opportunity arose. I continue to make the same silly cliche, but I will again: I've had more women across my lap than a napkin (and loved every minute). Sexual activity (without spanking) has never been beyond one intimate partner at a time. I was lucky enough to have had a loving spankee partner for seven years. Nothing compares to combining the two.
  7. Really outstanding. Awaiting the finished product with great anticipation. (Yes, I understand it may be a while).
  8. get this often when trying to sign in
  9. "It is far safer to be feared than loved" (Nicolo Machiavelli). "Life is just a sh*t sandwich, and every day we take another bite" (author unknown).
  10. "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick", by Ian Drury and the Blockheads has always reminded me of my favorite subject.
  11. For one thing, not spanking (afraid my spanking arm will begin to atrophy).
  12. In my opinion, what consenting adults do at any age is just fine (and no one else's business). Personally, I happily spank women from 30 to 60., roughly speaking. I'm uneasy below 30...there have been one or two who lacked the maturity to keep it private. Over 60, worried about causing soft tissue injury from spanking too hard. But it's a big world, to each his own.
  13. spike

    new here

    Welcome to the site. Some very nice, like-minded people here. But...it's always suspicious when someone does not answer a legitimate question (i.e. general location).
  14. Still probably what I do best. (A Jersey boy my whole life, and still wonder why they call it the garden state).
  15. I am aware that 'there' should be 'their'. I really should proofread.
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