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  1. I remember that one. Sorry to say it seems to have just disappeared.
  2. Interest in spanking goes back to my earliest memories; age two or three. I remember spanking in early morning cartoons which I always watched with great interest and excitement.
  3. But this misses the whole point (you can't know what someone is really like until you've spent time together, in person). That said, hope it all works out.
  4. Summer, a follow-up thought on this that might be helpful. (Kind of a bit of a story to get to the point, but since when have I written with an economy of words?) I belong to a regular gym which plays loud drivel masquerading as music (so I wear earphones). There is also a smaller gym here in the complex where I live which plays old rock and roll music. If I only want a cardio workout I'll spend an hour on the elliptical machine, saving the trouble of driving to the regular gym for weight training. Today while at the home gym the song I Put A Spell On You came on. It's a three chord progression with a saxophone solo bridge; pretty typical old rock and roll. But despite my fondness for this type of music, I've never liked this particular song. But stuck on the elliptical, there was no choice but to listen - and it reminded me of your post and responses you've received. Can you tell your guy (future owner?) that before you move into the same household, you need to live apart for a period of time, while spending time together in person, just to be sure you click? If he agrees, even begrudgingly, this says much for his character. If he refuses, I'd be off like a prom dress. Since we're all connected here due to our mutual interest, it's good we look out for each other. Just a suggestion.
  5. Yes, "pendejo" is usually a vulgar term, however the meaning changes a bit depending on the country. For example, in Argentina it can mean kid/child. In Peru I've heard it used to mean pubic hair. Dumb fuck is a very good generic translation, but the degree of it's vulgarity varies. Off topic, just for clarity.
  6. Going to give my opinion on this, hope it is constructive and not meant as a criticism. First of all, just on the subject of long distance relationships only (nothing to do with spanking or DD): I go with an old saying; "amor de lejos es amor de pendejos" (roughly translates to "love by distance is the love of fools" - sounds better in Spanish; it rhymes). But getting into your specifics, while it's possible that eventually you'll Iive happily ever after, this relationship may not go as you picture it. Chawsee is wise. You haven't spent time together in person, let alone met this man in person? And yet (with your consent) he "owns" you? This is far from those who feel like they 'belong to each other'. Suppose at a point you decide that it's not a match made in heaven; can you leave safely? Will he allow it, stalk you, or worse? And while I'm not here to talk about myself in this post (I do that way too much anyway, but that's beside the point), as a retired detective I've handled MANY cases of "If I can't have you nobody can" whose spouse/partner felt he "owned" his partner. Certainly my life view is seen through the prism of my own experience; certainly not all such situations end up badly. It could by the best decision you ever made. Just recommending you proceed cautiously, and meet in person before you make a solemn commitment.
  7. I'm not here to talk (write) about my job before I retired, but since it has to do with spanking, I'm continuing on this topic. Once again (and I'm sure for the last time) when I was in the police academy we had a lecture from an FBI agent on the subject of sex crimes. His presentation was excellent. Early on in the lecture, (up onto a large screen) he showed a series of of photos of men and naked women spanking other naked women. It was clear that this was not a crime (between consenting adults) but used this as a way to segway into the serious stuff. Of course I tried to just watch, stone-faced, unfazed - I mean I wanted nobody to think for one minute that this was exciting to me. Most of the other big macho guys around me laughed (although now I'd be willing to bet that a lot of them were closet spankos). Then came the "don't assume" part. (Remember the title of this post?) A photo of a man seen from the shoulders up, apparently dead in a gallows. What do you think happened here? he asked. Some said suicide; some said he was murdered. The next photo was of the same person, but taken from a distance where the whole scene was visible. It was a big, burly man hanging from a tree branch in the woods, wearing a Catholic school girl's type uniform with a short skirt. Did we think it was a suicide? A murder-lynching? No, it was a fetitishist who had accidentally asphyxiated while masturbating. Needless to say, what followed was graphic and (at the time) disturbing; but this was important information for us to learn, much of which we'd experience in our careers. He went over crime scene preservation and evidence collection; the overarching theme being don't always assume what it appears to be at first. Well I hope that wasn't too morbid, but I was compelled to add it because it included spanking (only photos though). And now that I'm just a private citizen I can devote as much time as I like to our favorite subject.
  8. I suppose this should go under the more general heading of "I no longer care who knows I'm a spanko", as I probably reveal too many personal details. But anyway: There's that old cliche: "when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me - ass-u-me." Been around forever, I think the first time I heard that was when I was in the police academy from one of the instructors. So in my 20s I was a young cop, and of course a wanna-be spanko. I was living in a cheap apartment that suited my minimal needs, and besides work my time was divided into gym and running; dating and sexual activity (no real spanking yet); and two nights a week in grad school/study. (I was able to work my schedule that usually allowed me two consistent nights off a week to go into the City at John Jay College). I think I wrote this in a previous post, but now looking through the lens of more life-experience, I'm not at all proud of the fact that I engaged in way too many dubious sexual relations with way too many women. And while it always got the endorphins pumping, while having sex with them, I was ALWAYS thinking about spanking them. Fast forward a bit to a particular woman, who in the early course of dating told me she liked to get spanked. Be still my heart! I figured she must be my soul mate. I hastily invited her to move into my small apartment (which she did). After just three wonderful days of finally spanking a woman, her personality began to morph into someone unrecognizable. Without going into unnecessary detail, I just assumed that this is what all female EE spankos must be like; just spank me when I'm bad and but pay for all my needs and otherwise LEAVE ME ALONE! I (wrongly) assumed that along with this fetish, came a teenage personality rebelling against a parent. So I told her to get out. If this was the way spankees behaved, I decided then and there to stick to "normal" women; hopefully I would outgrow this spanking fetish as I must be sick anyway to like spanking so much. (Outgrow it? Who was I kidding?) Fast forward to meeting the former Mrs. Spike. Things were wonderful during the pendency of our courtship. I did at one point confide in her that I'd always had a strong desire to spank women, which she acknowledged as just a passing remark. I knew for sure she was not a spanko. But I didn't want to repeat that former mistake. So I thought it was the right thing to do - get married. Not only was it a spankless marriage, it turned out to be a loveless one as well. And despite the fact that as things degenerated and the former Mrs. Spike said I was "sick" for wanting to spank her, I came to realize that spanking was not so twisted after all, having based it on that one previous relationship. OK - eventually we went our separate ways. She met a new and improved guy more to her liking ( I wish her well), and I found my way into the spanko world. Sine then I've tried to be careful with what I assume. Lesson learned.
  9. Bueno, no es difícil hacer amigos aquí; solo ten cuidado con la gente falsa (a quienes llamamos "trolls"). And of course you'll have to negotiate your way here in English. Good luck.
  10. Bienvenido al sitio, Aqui estamos como pez en el agua. ?Que tan comun es dar nalgadas en Espana? Hope you find what you're looking for.
  11. Not wanting to create another new post, on a vaguely related topic: This afternoon while out on a nature hike (where my best thinking occurs) I was remembering a few occasions where a spanking had been hastily arranged on line, and the EE did not show up. Fortunately it only happened a handful of times (at least that I can remember), but always left me as angry as a giant in a limbo contest.. And it always seemed to be at some far off location, as much as a two-hour drive away where the rondezvous was supposed to take place. And although these no-shows occurred a long time ago, the last one was only about five or six years ago; but I really can't blame the EE this one time. The potential EE was new and hesitant, so I told her that I would show up at a particular location, and she could meet me, or not. The good news was I picked a location in New Hope, Pennsylvania, a provincial-type village that I love to visit, not far from her location, (she said she lived somewhere in Bucks County). The bad news; it's about two hours away. So I took a chance, and after waiting an hour, I hit the road alone and mad at myself for having made the foolish offer. My own fault. But this one time aside, I do not easily forgive the women who got cold feet. Bad karma for them. Anyway, are there others here with a similar story?
  12. Patiently awaiting the next installment.
  13. Hallo og velkominn. I think you're the first from Iceland here, so congratulations.
  14. This entry should probably be called "What's Good For The Goose"(or is it "What's Sauce For the Goose?"). Anyway, those early spanking experiences mentioned Supra during my wild spanking days ended abruptly when I met Angelfood. For the next seven wonderful years there was no one else. After Angelfood's departure (and despite heartbreak) I tried to get back in the scene, but had lost all my contacts. I think the chat rooms had gone the way of the dinosaur by then. So getting to the point of this follow-up post, a new woman and I began an on-line communication. She had long wanted to get a discipline spanking, but like many newbies treaded lightly, mostly concerned with anyone discovering her secret. A meeting was arranged, although it was more of a meet and greet in a cafe. She possessed as spankable a butt as I had ever seen. We discussed her fantasy spanking and I explained such things as a safe word and any other fine points she needed to know. I really wanted to spank her then and there, and offered to give her a taste in one of our vehicles in the back parking lot, off the highway. She declined, and I sensed she really wanted the spanking, but from someone else. I imagine I looked presentable (so many years at the gym I was lean and strong); I don't remember what I wore, but it was probably Levis jeans and a flannel shirt - and I'm positive I was showered and well groomed. I was polite (probably tried to impress her with some useless information), but I just wasn't her type. When it was obvious that she did not want to go out in the back for a sample I gave her my phone number and told her to call should she want a real session. I could tell she would not call; she politely said she would think it over. As I suspected, I never heard from her. Well, I've never been one to stay where I'm not wanted, and just moved on. I guess she just didn't care for the fair-haired country boy look...maybe it was some flaw in my personality (there are many); but I just wasn't for her. Fortunately I have spanked a good number of EE since, but it took a while to find my way back. So it goes both ways. I met women I refused to spank, a woman meets me and declines a spanking. As my kids used to say (when they were kids): "it just ghost to show ya,"
  15. Has this ever happened to you? (I can't be the only one) - where you meet up for the first time either as an ER and refuse to spank the person, or as an EE and refuse to be spanked? This happened to me at least two times (as an ER), and I've been curious for a long time whether or not this was rare. My own experiences occurred when I was younger during the period when I met random women for spanking (usually in the old AOL chatrooms). The first time was with a young woman who accepted a spanking invitation. She was certainly spankable-looking while dressed. But as she took down her jeans and panties I could not help but notice that her buttocks were covered with a thick, dark coat of hair. Probably a hormone issue, but I just could not bring myself to spank her. I cannot remember what I said (if anything), but mentally, it was a line in the sand. The other one connected with me in one of the chatrooms, and wanted to meet. Sure, another offer I could not refuse. She was in Long Island, New York, and volunteered to make the long drive to New Jersey; with all the bridges, tolls, traffic and miles between. I gave her directions to a location, and upon arrival wished I had not accepted the offer. I do feel bad about this - but the poor woman was so horrendous looking that there was no way I could stomach even giving a half-hearted spanking. Instead, I told her I was ravenous, and offered to take her to a diner for lunch. So we went to a nearby diner where I treated her to lunch, (there really are a lot of diners in New Jersey; and I forced myselfelf to eat). As soon as we were done, I made up an excuse as to why I could not stay due to some emergent matter, and sent her on her way east on Route 3 to the Lincoln Tunnel or the George Washington Bridge. I guess I was convincing enough with my excuse because she continued to contact me when she saw me in that chatroom. Out of politeness I bantered with her for a little while, but finally convinced her it was too far to meet again. Even years later I still feel some shame; these were two otherwise (I assume) decent human beings, who I must have hurt although that was never meant to happen. Also - there were three women I met during those years who presented a dicey situation: all three did not practice good hygiene. It became obvious upon presenting their bare bottoms to me that they had not bathed recently. I did go ahead and spank all three (breathing through my mouth), and they all got it extra hard and long for this rude behavior. I mean, these three meetings did not spring up organically, they were planned. I'll never understand people. At any rate, have any of you appeared for a session and then found it necessary to refuse? Why? Can you share?
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