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  1. It's happened any number of times playing with a new EE, calling me "sir". If it was their thing, I let it happen. But I never asked to be called Sir, or any ceremonious title. I prefer to be called by my name (Spike). Even with a non-sexual spanking, it just feels more intimate. (I'm making no judgments on those who like it - just going with my own head-space).
  2. Un miembro aqui durante tantos anos y nunca te habĂ­a visto antes. Bueno, nunca es demasiado tarde.
  3. Thanks for the topic, Chawsee. Always been a private person, but throwing caution to the wind since we're all practically related here on SN. 1. Favorite author: Kahlil Gibran. Favorite artist: Robert Crumb. Favorite band: The Beatles (probably), so many good ones). Favorite drink: coffee and red wine (not at the same time). 2. My family: My mother was a professional dancer. My older sister was a playboy bunny who was fired for refusing to have sex with Hugh Hefner (years ago). All my adult children have advanced degrees. I come from a language family: I speak four languages. My father spoke English, Spanish, French and Japanese. My oldest adult child has a PhD in, and is a professor of Italian, and also speaks Spanish, French, and reads Latin. 3. After I retired, I went back to read many of the books I pretended to read in high school and college (Hemmingway, Dostoyevski, Homer - I just read the study guides in school). I guess they just got better. 4. Spare time: Despite having so little of it for much of my life, I volunteered at a Hospice for 15 years. It's not for everyone, but it always kept me in touch with what was really important. Also have played guitar since age 14. Played in some amateur bands over the years (the most recent sidelined by Covid). 5. While a real detective here in the United States, on my one trip to the UK, I witnessed a pickpocket and made a "citizen's arrest" in London. The detective-constable who was assigned the case, wrote to me a few months later that they had to release the suspect the following day because I left for Edinburgh the next morning and was not able to stay to testify.
  4. You're welcome, Ruby. It's not a bad song if you like this kind of music.
  5. So many years of this line of work...and no one ever said this to me.
  6. This morning after a particularly hard training session at the gym, and after getting home, I just wanted to relax while listening to a little music. While listening to some swing-jazz from the late 1930s (I think Artie Shaw?), and about half-asleep, I heard "You're a Sweet Little Headache" and a line woke me up: "I've a good mind to spank you and thank you for all the things you've done." Just when I thought I knew all spanking references from music and film.
  7. Always a mistake or two. Meant to write: As the son of depression era children.
  8. When I first joined this site and was still working, I was careful to not reveal any personal information. Now, it no longer matters who knows I'm a spanko. ('ll still keep it to myself, but if anyone becomes aware I'd only say: "yeah, I'm a spanko, what's your point?" Having said that: I was fortunate to have had two careers. As the child of depression-era parents I was always told to "be a civil servant". I always listen to the voice of authority. I was a detective close to 30 years (my main career). I then became a teacher. It was a bit of a pain in the neck getting that provisional teaching certificate, but it was an interesting change doing something without guns and badges. By the time my (now adult) children were out of college I (really) retired. How We Spend Our Days: (Finally) - I wake up early, but without an alarm clock. Drink plenty of coffee, see what's going on in the world (always upsets me), then it's the gym. That's every day for me, rarely a chore, still do weight training and cardio. After this, it's whatever I want or have planned. The best days are when I meet up with a spankee. Go on long walks, hike woods and a few mountains. Play the guitar, pull up sheet music right here to learn new*** songs. (***New to me, I don't like anything contemporary, everything I learn is OLD). Played in a band here where I live but it was disbanded (no pun intended) after Covid. Also, meet with friends, with my adult children (when their schedules allow), go to lectures, a few concerts. I volunteered at a Hospice for 15 years, but since I moved it's just too far away. During inclement weather(or if I just feel lazy) I read, a lot. Evenings - Although I'm not a bad cook, I usually prepare something simple. Besides, my diet is about 90% plant based. Then catch up with family, a few friends and a few former cops with whom I worked (by phone, of course). Not to sophisticated to admit I watch television (evenings). I love history and nature documentaries (as long as they are accurate and not altered by political correctness). Finally, it's the wine hour. (Kind of a light-weight, 2 glass maximum). A good time to search the internet for information on my latest interest and of course read new entries posted right here on SN. Once in a while add a comment. Life is good. Feel free to stop by to say hello if you're in my area.
  9. I recommend "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" by Ian Drury and the Blockheads. Good cadence and suggestive of spanking.
  10. Still thinking about this since I wrote this (original) post. Why was this the only over-the-top event I attended? (Not counting of course, all the times at the club) - Although this event came up every year, and some other similar events in other states, I was just unable to fit it into my schedule due to work and family obligations. Those of us who have experienced these events must admit, it's the stuff dreams are made of.
  11. Hard not to love these illustrated adventures.
  12. Another misprint: meant to write: change the D to a D-flat in original post. Thinking it's a bad idea to drink wine while contributing to SN.
  13. I like art. I know nothing about pigments, concepts, textures, or picture plane, but I like art. I like architecture, love looking at interesting structures; but couldn't even build a bird house for a common sparrow. I'm an ameteur musician, and understand music (more or less); for example to change a B-flat chord to a B-flat minor chord, you need only change one note, F, B-flat and D to F, B-flat and D-minor. But still, you don't have to understand music to enjoy it. I'm a spanko. the older I get the more I'm sure I was just born this way. And I've spent a lot of time through the years wondering why...why this urge, this passion? As much as this consumed my thoughts when I was young I just hoped it would vanish as I grew up. As time passed I accepted it, but kept it to myself, guarded as a deep dark secret. Ok, eventually I embraced it after I entered the spanko world in earnest, but still did not dare share it with anyone outside of our bubble. Well you know what? I realize that just like art, or architecture, or music or anything you enjoy, you don't have to understand it to enjoy it. The days of trying to make sense of this are irrelevant, and over. Yeah I'll still keep it to myself, but without the guilt.
  14. "What is the point of this thesis? Acceptance." Ruby, you are wise. And thanks to all who commented.
  15. A mistake in the first line of my post: it should read "paternal side". I really should pay more attention to proofreading.
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