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  1. Welcome to SN, and good luck in your search!
  2. Lotsapappa is banned for being a know it all 😝
  3. E is for ERROR as in “when will I ever learn the ERROR of my ways?” 🤦‍♀️ at least that is the question I often hear, although I do think it’s a rhetorical one 🤣🤣
  4. N is for NO SIR or NO DADDY! Which is my typical reply when I’m asked if I’ve been naughty! As if ITB will ever reply saying yes, as if 🤣🤣
  5. Sometimes I really hate being me! I understand change isn’t easy and nothing worth doing ever is. But to feel as if “your damned if you do and damned if you don’t” really is difficult . So, trust me when I say I’m well aware of how different I am from most people here and I don’t need to be constantly reminded. Being an over thinker that I am, I’m already harder on myself than anyone ever could be to me…

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    2. Geoffreaux


      You’ve always been nice and pleasant with me. That is pretty weird. 🥰😎 Be yourself, and don’t worry about what others think. Those that matter, will like you just the way you are. 😁😁

    3. Oldhand


      Your true friends would never want you to be anything other than your real self, ITB, since that real self is the reason why you are a friend to many. They will never harangue or bombard you with their unwanted opinions and 'advice'.


      :) :)  :)  :)  :)

    4. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Thank you to everyone’s who took the time to post a comment, I appreciate the kind words. It’s not so much as me caring what others think cos I honestly didn’t think I did. As I often say I am me! But when it comes to spanking which I don’t know much about tbh, it’s hard not to take what others say and pay attention. Especially when I overthink!  However I can say I’ve learned quite a bit in my time here on SN and those that have been here since I first joined & do know me, I’m sure can attest to the fact that I have changed a lot for the better. Everyday is a new day, and I try to get up with the mindset that ok let’s try this again. But I have to admit I’m getting close to just saying F this and quitting. But I will try to remember to just be me as it was mentioned above 🥰 thanks again 

  6. W is for wince! That involuntary move one makes after being smacked or swatted on the bare bottom by the wicked Spanker holding that brush 🤭. That is usually followed by an O-U-C-H!!
  7. N is for naughty! Because all naughty girls deserved to be spanked OTK on their bare bottoms! At least that is what I keep being told…
  8. Many thanks to all the spanko men and women that have fought for our country! Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of you, enjoy your holiday/weekend LB you guys have earned it ❤️!


  9. I really think it’s funny how some people claim to be spankers but instead can be so judgmental behind someone’s back. I’d have more respect for a person if they would say shit to me directly instead of me finding out after the fact. Sadly, Integrity is not something many know anything about anymore I’m afraid ☹️

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    2. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Well I’m glad you noticed badboyotk47 lol, but I’m so innocent and nice 😇 (straightens my halo). 🤣

    3. Geoffreaux


      Theme from Jaws, plays in the background.

    4. Ill Tempered Brat
  10. Truth because no matter what we all feelings regardless…


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    2. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Probably it is me afterall 🤣

    3. AfterGeometry


      We can play Rock Paper Scissors to finally resolve this.  😄

    4. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      You’d still loose though 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Poke poke hides 😝

  12. Zhev is banned for being to nice 😉
  13. Meg is banned for skipping me and thinking there is something magical about me 🤣🤣
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