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  1. @Lotsapappais banned for saying I’m (Ms. Brat) nasty without stating proof! I’m innocent until proven otherwise remember, it’s my birthright 😉! 😆😆. Besides not sure if I would use the word nasty when referring to myself, maybe sarcastic is more fitting! Rotfl
  2. I wasn’t being nasty as @Lotsapappaknows that
  3. @brigittais banned for even thinking @Lotsapappais an attorney to be hankering for fees. Just because one can talk the talk, only proves a good bullshitter! Lol 😉
  4. @Lotsapappais banned for not following the rules of the game and seconding @SpankeeGal banning!
  5. @Lotsapappais banned for even thinking of banning of for a lifetime, as if I wouldn’t be missed! Lol @SpankeeGalis banned for using the word mansplaining! Lol
  6. Lotsapappa is banned for being color sensitive 🤦‍♀️! Lol
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