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  1. Well just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday 🎂🎁. I know I’m a bit early as it’s not until tomorrow, but you know me 🤷‍♀️ Don’t want to forget! ((Hugs))

  2. As do I but what does that have to do with playing the game?
  3. Negative comments and bs? I’m sorry I thought it was considered feedback but I’ll keep my comments to myself afterall it’s your game enjoy ! Smh
  4. I met my late mentor here on this site and was with him for 4 years before he recently passed away unexpectedly. It is possible...
  5. just sharing my 2 cents for what it’s worth.. Ok if this was the goal and an end wasn’t really in sight, then please explain to me the purpose of the email I received recently. This game is about spankees verses Spankers. The Spankers still have the option to strategize amongst themselves as a group, rally folks, do what you will - if you don’t want to loose, and indeed want to keep this game going until “Covid is under control”. But to basically tell the spankees right now to either slow down or stop playing just doesn’t seem fair or even worth playing IMO.
  6. Ok maybe we are does king about 2 different times and situations here so I’ll shut up then because if what ur saying is correct and this is just about keeping this going for the sake of Covid I agree that’s just ridiculous sorry
  7. If I recall it was the spankers that complained that it was unfair because of the ratio of spankees to spankers which was why they implemented the change to begin with. No?
  8. Uh no we can not give them a chance to catch up, hello! Do you really think if places were reversed they would be thinking if giving us a chance to catch up lol. They would be gloating, so 😝 to AG... besides the game will simple start over trust me 😉
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