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  1. Just stopped in to say hello 👋! I know it’s been a minute or two 🤣🤣. I hope to be back soon ☹️ To spread my sarcastic humor lol. Hope everyone had a happy & safe 4Th of July. 😉


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    2. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Well I’m glad I’m missed 🤣

    3. SJE


      It only takes a minute or 2 to get into major trouble on here

    4. sweetpea


      Welcome back my friend (((Hugs)))


  2. AG is banned for picking on Zhev because she said she was in a mood didn’t mean it was a bad mood therefore who’s to say she was lashing out!
  3. True “I am me 😘!”
  4. I did and what? 😝
  5. This was the only way I could upload my emoji
  6. 🙈 peek a 🙉 boo 

    hope you and your family are doing well 


    1. Bha


      Hi friend!!  hugs.  good to have you back here.

  7. So me 


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    2. braatman


      actually, ITB, you are America’s favorite brat.  things are good here and i hope you’re doing fine as well. huggggggggggs to you as well...

    3. JoKitten


      You're just so amazingly...you! 😁

    4. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Hugs JoKitten how are you? 

  8. AG is banned for acting as if he really cares 🤣
  9. Ha ha, It is bad in California 🙈, but luckily (🙏) I’m in a part of riverside which hasn’t had any reported cases yet 🤞! Quarantine getting to me? More like home schooling! The teacher has already quit! Lol
  10. Kith is banned just cos I feel like it 😝
  11. Aftergeometry is banned for not following the rules 😝 (boo)
  12. Where you been hiding ITB?!

    1. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      I’m sorry I’m not hiding just dealing with a lot right now 🙈 hugs 

    2. Bha


      I hope you are ok hugs

  13. Haha duh ITB Zhev answered 🤦‍♀️😂
  14. Kith is banned for not only admitting he hear voices but listening to them as well! 😂🤭
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