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  1. For me it started really with a girlfriend in high school that would describe her spankings to me. This was the 70's and where I lived spankings were very common!
  2. Was kicking a soccer ball one day in the house after being told by my mother not to kick it. Well i continued after being warned and broke a vase that was a family heirloom. She grabbed my arm and yelled go to your room. Just as I went into my room I yelled "its just a fucking vase and slammed my door"!! Well my dad was outside and came in when he heard the door slam. Next thing they are both in my room with Mom lecturing me. Now I thought I was far too old to be spanked so I snickered at her. My father immediately said I had developed an attitude and needed an attitude adjustment. In one action I was lifted up off the bed my basketball shorts came down and over dad;'s knee for the hardest spanking I ever received!! Later I found out my older sister came home during the spanking with a friend and said the whole house and probably neighbourhood heard my spanking!!
  3. I was 14 and got caught smoking at school with two other boys. My mother came to pick me up from school and said "when we get home go straight to your room and wait until your father gets home". it had been well over a year since my last spanking so was not sure what was going to happen. My younger sister had gotten a spanking a few months earlier sop I knew it was an option. When DAD got home he and my mother came to my room to lecture me and I gave some attitude. I still remember my father saying "young man today your getting an attitude adjustment. I was over he knee pants down getting the spanking of my life. I later found out that my older sister had a friend over and they heard the spanking. Years later I became close with that friend Heather and she told me she felt sorry for me that day and wanted to comfort me. She also told me about her last spanking. To this day I love sharing spanking memories. Please PM me if anyone wants to hear more share or chat. Jay
  4. This is so true. My wife and I were both spanked into our teens. We now role play those spankings we received. She confessed this to one of her co-workers that she was quite close with. The friend confessed she would love a spanking from me as her father figure. Sure enough she was spending time over my knee as my wife watched!
  5. Yes a lot and into the teens
  6. Yes my wife sister has many times told her husband things like Do you want to go over my knee I think I need to paddle your bottom I will give you the spanking of your life I have asked my wife if she thinks she has a spanking fetish. And my wife responds probably from all the spankings we got growing up!! I once asked my SIL after one of her remarks - "would you even know how to give a spanking" and she laughed believe I have many experiences being on the other end receiving right sis as she winked at my wife!! I got instantly hard and got a great hand job from my wife after as she knew how turned on I was!
  7. Grew up with an older and younger sister. I would say me and my older sister got spanked the most and it was pretty even. On a number of occasions we were spanked together and into our early teens which was interesting and likely contributed to the spanko I am today!!
  8. I have cum over my wife's lap a few times however she usually gives me a hand job after the spanking.
  9. I went to school grades k-8 from 1970-78 in a small town in Ontario. The strap was administered by the Principal (female nun) or Vp (male) in their office a black rubber strap about a foot long. You were made to put your hands out and would get 2-3 hard smacks on palm. On many occasions you would get it with others but only one in the office at the time. Both male and females got it as I know my wife who at the time was a grade behind me got it twice. Yes for sure the teachers knew that when you got the strap that you were likely going to have a hard time sitting down the next day! I started dating my wife in high school and was over at her house one day when her younger sister got the strap at school. I did not see it but heard her getting a hard bare bottom spanking in their fathers den! For me the times I got the strap a note was sent home and then I would get spanked on my bare bottom from my father. As he said sore hand will equal a sore butt
  10. i love my wife to wear boot cut yoga pants a sports tank top and flip flops so I can see her pretty toes as I am over her knee!
  11. I can relate to this. I grew up in a Canadian small town in the 70's and my parents primarily Dad spanked me and my two sisters. We were usually sent to our room and Dad would come in and lecture us the sit on our bed have us drop pants and go over his knee for a bare bottom hand spanking. We were all spanked up to about 9th grade 14ish. At that time I got a particularly hard spanking for skipping school. Well a girl I was kinda seeing at the time heard from my sister that I got "behind tanned" and she pressed me for details revealing details of her last spanking. This was an incredible turn on to the point that she gave me my first hand job as I fingered and rubbed her clit.To this day I love to talk and share spanking memories with others that always leads to me masturbating.
  12. Growing up in Canada my parents usually referred to it as a spanking. But my sisters and I would also hear: Do you want to go over my knee? I will tan your behind. Do you want me to pull your pants down right here and put you over my knee?
  13. I grew up in an Irish Catholic family with two sisters one a year older and one a year younger. My father was a police officer and mother a stay at home mom. My parents were very strict and definitely spanked for serious infractions. We were all spanked and usually by Dad but Mom had no problem putting us over her knee. Spankings were typically done in our bedroom where we had to wait for Dad - he would come in for a lecture then he would sit on the bed and we would have to take our pants down and go over his knee for a bare bottom spanking with his hand. Our parents never used anything but their hands but they could spank long and hard!My last spanking I was believe it or not 14 and got caught with two other boys smoking at school and suspended. My mother came to the school to pick me up and told me to wait in my room till my father got home as she wanted to discuss the situation with him. Now I had not been spanked in over a year so was not sure what was going to happen maybe grounded? Well on this particular day my older sister Liz's best friend Heather had to work on a school project and were doing it after school at our house. Since I was in my room I didn't see them or really realize they were there. My father got home from his shift at like 5 and both he and my mother came into my room to "discuss" the situation. My mother started lecturing me how disappointed she was blah blah and during that lecture I rolled my eyes at her and said like "whatever". Well I still remember to this day my father said young man you have been developing an attitude and today you are going to get an attitude adjustment! He yanked me up from the bed sat down yanked down my shorts and underwear and gave me the hardest spanking of my life! I resigned to try and take it like a man but ended up crying like a little boy by the end. I was told to stay in my room for the rest of the evening.Now since we were all spanked spankings were usually always private and we all felt sorry for the spanked one. Well the next day Liz came to my room to say she was sorry what happened and how I was doing. She also told me that Heather was over and they heard the spanking. I was embarrassed and she said don't worry Heather wasn't going to say anything as she had just been spanked 6 months ago for shoplifting! Now this was late 70's where spankings were still quite common!So fast forward to when I was 17 and Heather was just going on 18 and now her and i had become "like" friends. One day when were were alone at a park after school she brought up the day she was there for my spanking! I was embarrassed and she sensed that and described in detail her last spanking 6 moths previous to mine. It was almost the same in her room over her fathers knee bare bottom! She told me that when she heard my spanking she felt so sorry for me that she wanted to comfort me and at that point held my hand and we kissed. To this day I love to speak with others sharing spanking memories.
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