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  1. Grew up with an older and younger sister. I would say me and my older sister got spanked the most and it was pretty even. On a number of occasions we were spanked together and into our early teens which was interesting and likely contributed to the spanko I am today!!
  2. I have cum over my wife's lap a few times however she usually gives me a hand job after the spanking.
  3. I went to school grades k-8 from 1970-78 in a small town in Ontario. The strap was administered by the Principal (female nun) or Vp (male) in their office a black rubber strap about a foot long. You were made to put your hands out and would get 2-3 hard smacks on palm. On many occasions you would get it with others but only one in the office at the time. Both male and females got it as I know my wife who at the time was a grade behind me got it twice. Yes for sure the teachers knew that when you got the strap that you were likely going to have a hard time sitting down the next day! I started d
  4. i love my wife to wear boot cut yoga pants a sports tank top and flip flops so I can see her pretty toes as I am over her knee!
  5. I can relate to this. I grew up in a Canadian small town in the 70's and my parents primarily Dad spanked me and my two sisters. We were usually sent to our room and Dad would come in and lecture us the sit on our bed have us drop pants and go over his knee for a bare bottom hand spanking. We were all spanked up to about 9th grade 14ish. At that time I got a particularly hard spanking for skipping school. Well a girl I was kinda seeing at the time heard from my sister that I got "behind tanned" and she pressed me for details revealing details of her last spanking. This was an incredible turn o
  6. Growing up in Canada my parents usually referred to it as a spanking. But my sisters and I would also hear: Do you want to go over my knee? I will tan your behind. Do you want me to pull your pants down right here and put you over my knee?
  7. My wife said this was her for her last spanking in high school
  8. I grew up in an Irish Catholic family with two sisters one a year older and one a year younger. My father was a police officer and mother a stay at home mom. My parents were very strict and definitely spanked for serious infractions. We were all spanked and usually by Dad but Mom had no problem putting us over her knee. Spankings were typically done in our bedroom where we had to wait for Dad - he would come in for a lecture then he would sit on the bed and we would have to take our pants down and go over his knee for a bare bottom spanking with his hand. Our parents never used anything but th
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