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  1. Hei jenteunge ! 

    Der som snakke rommet er mere eller mindre i stykker sente jeg deg et pm. Les det ná om du er snill ?


       Odinn fra Island

  2. Hi Anne. Love to chat some time.

  3. Have you been naughty Anneli?  It is naughty just to be here, so I look forward to spanking your naughty bottom... bare, of course... a long long spanking, which I look forward to discussing with you soon!

  4. I love roleplay too Just message me if you would like to talk.

  5. Wow Norway sounds so exotic! What kind of rituals and traditions do Norwegians have with spanking and discipline?

    1. Drew1965


      So your five hours ahead of Montreal. I'm usually on at night. so I'll have to look early for you on the week ends when I'm up early and not working.

  6. Girl from Norway. Spankee. Also like roleplay on net,to be a naughty teenage,.Parents/daughter scenes.

    1. Drew1965


      All naughty Teens need to be spanked and taught respect and manners. OTK and bare bottom corner time! As a bare minimum. ;-)

  7. F from Norway.Like roleplay on net ,naughty girl and spanked.From both men and women

    1. Drew1965


      Your obviously an encourageable sassy girl who needs several good spankings to set you right and proper. Your pale ass will end up a deep red I can assure you. Have fun now!

    2. Anneli


      maybe we can chat /play one time.

    3. Drew1965


      I will look forward to that. Thank You. 


  8. f from Norway.Like roleplay on net,to be a naughty girl and spanked.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anneli


      It is lovely special the Westcoast in summertime.

    3. buffettfan


      I've spent a lot of time in Alaska and have heard it's very similar to Norway. If so, I would love it!

    4. Anneli


      Think you will love it .

  9. f from Norway.

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