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  1. I agree with the sting of a lexan (w/o holes) paddle. I use it to self-spank and it is very effective. Lots of sting and light weight. A friend used it on me once though and I thought I'd die. Obviously he swung harder than I am able to in self-spanking.
  2. Aren't lucite and acrylic and lexan all similar? Pretty sure I have a lexan one w/o holes. It stings very well so it's good for not only the cheeks but the sit spot and the upper thighs. Lots of sting and no bruising.
  3. I agree dmirk. I prefer several shorter but intense parts to the spanking. If the "er" wants to use different implements, that's fine but not necessary. I don't have much history with being spanked - 3 times by different people. The first one, lots of talking but too far to be sustainable as a regular practice and no real rapport; the second one was abusive and i figured out too late that I should never have allowed it to happen; the third one - he told me he thought I needed a harder spanking than I thought I needed. I didn't argue though I surely wondered what I had said that led him
  4. Yes, I've used a wooden paddle with holes. It stings pretty good. It's about 12" long after the handle and about 3/8-1/2" thick. I think it might be a little less thudy because of the holes.
  5. I always imagine driving down to Florida from Michigan and stopping all along the way to either spank or be spanked. I sure hope I get to do this someday soon.
  6. I asked my first spanker to use the belt because I had never experienced it (at least I don't recall) and wanted to know what my school mates had been through. It hurt so much. But nowhere near to a heavy strap. I'll take the belt anyday over that. In fact, I won't ever allow someone to use a wide, thick strap on me ever again. It was a lesson hard learned many years ago.
  7. I have never attended an event - mostly because I work in a school and I'm always apprehensive someone will see me and recognize me. But I do feel like the old one when I'm looking for a "friend".
  8. I live in Harper Woods. Good to know of another disciplinarian in the metro Detroit area.
  9. Spankee though I have administered a few to newbies and experienced. If my shoulder is okay, I can spank. But I really love the bottom role. I tend to go in and out of the need. One can assume I am in need at this point if I'm conversing here. Hope I find someone to help out a 68-yr old.
  10. I'm back because I'm feeling the need again.  Mostly spankee and in need of mentoring.  

    1. Detroit Pete

      Detroit Pete

      Just sent you a pm.

  11. I just want to say that Stephen's Monday shows are the absolute best. I just love his stuff. I try to take a nap just so I can stay up and watch it with full attention.
  12. So glad you have found this site. You will have "clients" soon.
  13. I would think that a holey lexan paddle delivering fast, rapid swats would also hurt immensely though I have not experienced this as yet. I have experienced a thick strap and do not ever wish to repeat that!
  14. So, do people go interviewing people who will spank them before agreeing to a spanking? I mean that makes sense - sort of like choosing a doctor or therapist.
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