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  1. hi pity im in Scotland my late wife was like you she needed to cry she also needed rules it kept her focused if she was really bad she got the cane over the stool but my favorite was the Lochgelly tawse which im sure you would love it stinga and leaves red weals but also gives release i also use the bath brush over the knee for the tawse i made lie face down on the dining table she liked the cool wood on her tummy i used to leave her for 5 minuets before i tawsed her i also liked her on her back legs well up to her chin it exposed her bottom to the strap if your ever up Ayrshire way give me
  2. i dont talk much on the main room and its mostly us members i try to chat to uk members
  3. hi jane another fellow brit here from Scotland farly new tothis site but been spanking for 47 years
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