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  1. And do not think you are going to get off easy ! E--
  2. And do not think you are going to get off easy ! E--
  3. Hello there - spanker from Southern California - would love to chat and get to know you. Very cute butt!
  4. Cute bottom - would love to make it red and sore ! If you ever come to So Cal?
  5. Straight, Alpha male spanker and mentor serving LA and OC counties. I can engage you in a series of sessions to make longer term changes or a one off to deal with a certain incident. While you will be safe while in my care, rest assured, you are going to learn a lesson. No nonsense, no excuses allowed - when you are told you are to be spanked, it's going to happen, and you are going to get some change and clarity from it. I promise.
  6. Nikki, very interested in taking the time to help you get your head on straight Please send me a reply here or at truespanker@yahoo.com.. Thanks.. E
  7. I agree - when I need to prescribe a self spanking, it being on cam is much easier for me as the spanker as well..
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