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  1. avaUK


    I better be ready Sir because I will get a sound spanking when I deserve it whether I'm ready or not! 😪🏓🍑
  2. avaUK


    Thanks very much for the compliment Sir. But the prevailing folklore wisdom is "more requires more" meaning a bigger bottom should be spanked more and harder than a smaller bottom. I can certainly testify from personal experience that's exactly how my spankers think, so the spankings I get are a lot more fun for my spankers than me!😪🏓🍑
  3. avaUK


  4. avaUK


    How do you know you would love to paddle my bottom if you have never done it? (... yet? 🙄 )
  5. avaUK


    Right there on the spot? in public? 😜
  6. From the album: avaUK

    Are white knickers best for spanking?
  7. From the album: avaUK

    You can buy this paddle with a photograph of me getting a spanking from Zazzle at http://www.zazzle.com/z/uksayqqh
  8. avaUK


    From the album: avaUK

  9. avaUK

    Spanking GIFs

    Secretaries were really spanked in some companies in the UK in the 1970s! There is a newspaper article about it: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2859918/Oh-good-old-days-bosses-spanked-secretaries-Believe-not-women-say-pine-sexist-office-life-Seventies.html Quote from the article: "As a a leggy, twenty-something blonde, Jacquee Storozynski-Toll usually had her male colleagues eating out of the palm of her hand. Yet one day she found herself bent over her boss’s knee being spanked, in full view of all of her colleagues."
  10. avaUK


    Better than this New Years spanking, which I sometimes get ! 😨
  11. Are your good girl spankings the same as your bad girl spankings, or are they different somehow?🤔 P.S. Merry Christmas Sir!🥰
  12. Oh-oh... Santa is checking his list to see who has been naughty or nice. What do you think my chances are?😬😨🍑🏓
  13. A good illustration for my autobiography! 🤣


  14. Hey everyone,

    Comments have been enabled for all my photos and future content! :)

    Comments were not working previously due to some bug.

    1. arguy


      Wonderful, can't wait to comment!  ;-) 

    2. pantyboy817


      your ass is amazing!

  15. avaUK


    LOL. Are you volunteering Sir? 😋
  16. Woman with big bottom stuck in phone booth, 1940s.

    Big bottom problems! 🤕

    Woman with big bottom stuck in phone booth 1940s.jpg

  17. avaUK


    From the album: Really big spanking paddles!

    A gentleman who spanks naughty girls sent me this photograph. He says it's just the right size to give my bottom a good spanking!
  18. avaUK


    From the album: Really big spanking paddles!

    A disciplinarian friend sent me this photograph and said he had finally found a spanking paddle big enough to give my bottom a proper spanking!
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