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  1. Who cares? If it's good it's good. I try not to overthink it.
  2. Pretty much all of my friends know. But, it helps that pretty much all of my friends are very open-minded and non-judgmental. Plus, turned out a couple of them were into it as well, so you can guess how that went. I did spend the vast majority of my life telling absolutely no-one, until my first serious long-term girlfriend (now wife). At a certain point I think I just kind of stopped caring about being judged for it. I have a bunch of paddles/straps/etc on a holder mounted on my wall, and these days I generally just don't even bother taking them down if I'm having people over, because u
  3. Guess you don't remember me! We spoke for a while like a year and change ago according to my inbox.
  4. You know something, I vaguely recall you not being too far from me as well ??
  5. Certainly depends on the spanker, I suppose. But in my experience on both ends, trying to talk yourself out of it is only going to wind up making it worse for you. Best to just apologize and take the punishment.
  6. And I'm sure rationally explaining all this will definitely get you out of a spanking and not make things worse.
  7. Agreed with others that the label is not super important. Though your situation is quite similar to mine. My wife is generally in charge, and I definitely receive more punishments/discipline from her, though there are a few agreed upon rules that will earn her a spanking. Actually she's due one tonight. And in decision making I get input, though we've agreed that she has the final decision on most things. Most of the time we see eye to eye however. My advice, just be happy if it's working, don't worry about what to call it, and enjoy the few opportunities you have to get her back ?
  8. This is why I like safe words. I've had this exact same issue before, and one of the biggest things that worked was setting up a safe word (which I have yet to use), and knowing that no matter how I'm responding if I'm not using that word then it's not too much. Also, post-spanking feedback. I try to talk about every spanking afterwards. You can just say "I think I could have handled more", and then next time it should be better. Communication is super important.
  9. It hurts, but it's incredibly worth it. And then of course, if you can't take it anymore but they still need more you can switch to an implement assuming that's been discussed with your spankee. For a very seasoned spankee, you might be quite literal when you say "this hurts me more than it hurts you"!
  10. Made a post recently, but got no response. Gonna give it one more shot. I am looking for fellow people into spanking in the Pittsburgh area, who are interested in meeting up for a session, or even just chatting to see where things go. I am mostly interested in topping, BUT I am versatile and open for conversation. Who you are makes little difference to me, I understand the need to spank/be spanked very personally, and don't care much about your gender/weight/whatever. As for me, I'm 23 and male. I am discreet, sane, and safe. Leave a comment or shoot me a PM, let's start something fun.
  11. I'm also from West PA, I've been looking for a spankee for a while now. Communication and caution is a must for me too. Absolutely feel free to send me a message if you're ever coming to the area or even just want to talk.
  12. A recent dynamic change in a certain relationship has left me without a bottom to spank. If you are in the Pittsburgh area and are looking for a spanking, let me know. Who you are makes little difference to me, if you need a spanking, I can help, regardless of gender, age, marital status, etc. I'm 23, male (I understand my relatively young age is a deal breaker for some, no problem, not much I can do about that). I am extremely open to discussion of limits, terms, etc. I am not looking for anything beyond a casual spanking relationship, severity is up to you. I am in possession of quite a
  13. I'm not closed off to this. I do think the distance will be an issue. Do you have anything we can use to chat with? Shoot me a PM.
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