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  1. This is a very simple self spanking game. You post something that you deserve a spanking for. The person below you comments how you should be punished (Spanking but can also include mouth soaping, corner time, lines, etc) and then comments a reason they deserve to be spanked. The next person does the same so everyone spanks someone and gets spanked. I'll start. I've been staying up too late every night and have been distracted and procrastinating when trying to work from home, and haven't been as productive as a result.
  2. Hi! I saw your profile and would love to chat. I tried sending you a message but it couldn't go through. Not sure if maybe your inbox is full but send me a message if you'd like to chat:)

  3. I think a firm hair brush spanking is a fit punishment for procrastination. 300 strokes with a hairbrush then 15 minutes of cornertime, nose to the wall, hands on your head. As for myself, my sleep schedule has been ruined by COVID. I am staying up far too late each night and I have not been as productive as I should be for work even though I still get what needs to be done finished.
  4. What age do you spank?

  5. I've read them and they're really good! Perhaps one where Michelle gets revenge on Jane? Or maybe Michelle ends up getting her friend Amy spanked with her??
  6. I live in the US just a 10 minute drive from the border. As such, wouldn't mind meeting someone from southeast Ontario (I frequent St Catherines often and have also been to Hamilton frequently) 25m/spanker if any female spankees would like to chat. I'd want to get to know you first and meet in a vanilla setting before any spanking occurred. My email is sabres98765@gmail.com
  7. Hello, I'm a 25/m spanker in Buffalo looking to find a female spanking partner. You can email me at sabres98765@gmail.com, I would want to get to know someone on here first and meet in a vanilla setting before any spanking occurs
  8. Just a guy who likes spanking. Would love to meet a girl who's a spankee. Interested, email me at sabres98765@gmail.com

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