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  1. While I like being spanked, being punished is another thing altogether. A hard punishment spanking along with lines or grounding or something will definitely make them think twice. And add solid stern lecture may bring tears before the spanking even starts.
  2. The cream is super helpful. Even if you can only spank so much, you can do it and then put the cream on, leaving for a super uncomfortable bottom. And I've done this in the morning before I go to work so I have to drive on it and then sit on it all day. I usually take the cream and reapply it at lunch. Also, sitting on a hard chair helps. I have a hard chair at work and home. If people ask at work, I've just said my back can't handle the soft chair. 🤷‍♀️ Went over fine.
  3. I voted no, then thought more about it. While a bathbrush is more efficient overall, IMHO, I have used a curtain rod before, which is like the cane, and it was pretty effective, leaving a striped and bruising bottom. But you have to be super careful where it hits, which is not really a problem with the bathbrush.
  4. Switching up the implements helps. If you know when about you go numb in a spanking, switch before then so you really get the feeling, it kind of just jump starts everything again. It's about knowing your bottom well. Keep the implements next to you for frequent changes. Also, some caspacian cream can really make your bottom feel like it's on fire. I usually only use it for the worst spanking, and I put it on and keep spanking. Hurts like hell! (Another good use for it is after a quick spanking to keep spanking, or if you spank in the morning before work, a reminder on your bottom at l
  5. So, if you just have a few minutes at home, a good fast spanking with an implement you can control the easiest (to make sure each swat lands and you get the full effect), then put capacian(?) cream on it, pull your pants up and out you go. You'll feel it the rest of the day for sure
  6. More swats. For just a few swats, no matter if it's with a harder implement, it doesn't feel like I've been properly punished. More time over the knee, bare bottomed, constantly getting swatted, Yea, that is a memory making Spanking.
  7. Does anyone use grounding in their self punishments? And if so, how do you use it?
  8. I'm working from home right now, and when I make a mistake, I take a break and immediately go and self spank. It's much more real than trying to self spank later, or feeling guilty about it. And I'm usually strict on myself when it's so close to when I did the mistake- it's fresh in my memories. Funny how much better it helps.
  9. I heard a few times, "when we get home, you're ass is grass, and I'm the lawnmower.". And 'you're going get one tanning when we get home'. Or 'Im gonna tan that hide'. Or the two worse. 1. You're not gonna sit for a week when I'm done with you, and 2. Go get my strap!
  10. I've received it often before. My HoH would use it more for cases of disrespect or defiance, and he specifically used it to bring me down a notch. It worked! Lol. Something about having everyone showing and looking at him as he's landing the strap down, well, it definitely brought me down a notch and to tears.
  11. As a self spanker often, I'll spank my inner thighs, but only with a ruler.
  12. One of my high school teachers- I had a spanking crush on him, LOL.
  13. I think it probably would. I have a bath brush that I spank with sometimes when I finish showering, and I definitely have a sore bottom that is bruised. It definitely brings the pain up, also. I haven't tried it with a belt, but I would think it would be the same.
  14. If you ever visit Phoenix let me know

  15. I read an ad for models where they said they will sometimes take a model's backstory, something she got away with or felt she wasn't disciplined enough for, and write a scene specifically for that, so that it felt more real for the model. I can see where this would truly bring remorse and tears easier, being lectured and spanked for something they actually did do.
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