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  1. Right state, but a Wegmans store!
  2. Maybe it is something about supermarkets! lol I have a feeling a ping pong game has ended up with more than a few hot bottoms...lol
  3. Does anyone have any great " startles", either on tv or the movies, or in everyday life? I was in a supermarket and a woman was bending over a freezer case and her boyfriend/husband gave her bottom a good smack. She jumped and grabbed her cheeks as he laughed. I just stopped in my tracks!! lol I am sure there are many comments people hear everyday that could qualify as a " startle though))
  4. Gets a girl kicking quickly I bet!
  5. That would be nice. but sure you want to take it out? Never know who might pick it up...lol
  6. That " fanny padfle" sounds cute!!!)))
  7. That does sound incredible, the cracking of the fire interspersed with the sounds of a bare bottom spanking. The glow and heat of the fire, matching that of the bottom. And the possibility if someone walking by and enjoying the sight!!!!
  8. A little different take on the question, a spanker told me they prefer to use the spankee's own hairbrush. That way, she sees it everyday on her dresser as a reminder!
  9. Shelly, Can I get an application to work there? lol
  10. I agree! Even a playful spanking over clothes in front of others would be a memorable oresent to leave a bday girl blushing...lol
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