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  1. Its the option that makes the diffrence if they tell u they absolutely will not spank you any other way it kinda gives a creepy tone to the conversation
  2. I cant speak for anyone else but for me giving a spanking could be sexual or non sexual because i would spank someone that i wasnt attracted to at all.. And i would certainly NOT accept a spanking from someone that i was attracted too.. However i wouldnt go for a male spanker just because of either my ego or competetive nature..i dont want a guy to have the right to see me exposed or disciplined (not sure why) but i do also know (just from role plays) that men are more likely to do things to prolong the spanking like rubbing and ass play.. And men do get more annoying about being "in control".
  3. bad eddie


    Good luck with your search
  4. Im a 24 year old switch from michigan currently working in the dayton ohio area just looking for people to chat or meet with
  5. Getting spanked In an office, outside, over a lap, being spanked with someone else, watching a spanking take place Giving a spanking With a switch off of a tree, with a brush, being asked to spank, on the side of the road,
  6. got paddled and now car rides are terrible ???
  7. Im in michigan if u want to get in contact with me send a message
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