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  1. @Englishman no you do not. It's completely free. And it will grow over time.
  2. My new free blog for my writings https://otkromance4.wixsite.com/shewrites
  3. I have used a wedge pillow to simulate the feeling of being otk during self spanking. And I masturbate to spanking videos, which is probably one of the weirdest things us spankos do.
  4. No, unfortunately. Those who do contact me are usually already married or young enough to be my son. Or have a list of a dozen other "must have" side kinks. It's very frustrating, and lonely, honestly.
  5. A comment from my ex (who is still my friend): "I did read your story. The only thing I don't like is leaving bruises. Whether it's wanted or not I don't like the idea of a man hitting a woman like that. I have trouble with a man hitting a woman. I guess it's how I was brought up." Ironic to read for me just because many years ago he was quite happy to oblige my spanking kink, although bruises were always accidental with him. It was only later that I realized that I actually enjoy the feel of bruises - although I don't enjoy being severely marked for bruised for long periods of time. Anyway-- I know many of you *are* gentlemen out there. How do you get past or reconcile this disharmony within our kink? Despite consent, mutual desire for it, open communication, etc, do you still struggle with the idea of "boys shouldn't hit girls?" Or do you have issue with bruises or marks if they are left?
  6. For me it's a very sexual thing. Even the one time that I was spanked in a way that was not agreed upon beforehand, I was still wet afterwards. That doesn't mean I've had sex or even masturbation with everyone I've ever been spanked by. There have been a few over the years that I simply wasn't attracted to enough to have sex with them - even though their spanking was arousing to me. So.... for me, I guess there's still a line there.
  7. @Spanknutt That's the point hun. Fyi, this just sort of poured out of me one day. I had the title in my head and I just did a stream of consciousness writing on it. But, I am average. I feel pretty after I'm spanked. So, go figure, write what you know I suppose.
  8. Just something I wrote from the Top's prospective.... But She Is Pretty When I Spank Her She's a bit average. The girl next door type. Light brown hair. Hazel eyes. Glasses. Rounder than what society says is acceptable. Short, 5'3 in stockingfeet. If you saw her at the grocery store or at the library, you'd see right through her. Nothing remarkable or eye catching to really capture your attention. But when she's been freshly spanked- and I mean well and truly spanked for a good long time, on her bare bottom so that when I'm finished she is scorched dark red and marked for the next week -well, that's when you would see just how truly pretty she is... those eyes are sparkling with an inner high, even if there are tears falling down her flushed face. That's because her blood is just singing inside her veins, the endorphins making her float. Her hair is all disheveled and tousled and the hungry way she peers through it at me makes my heart hammer in my chest just to look at her. She is sex personified, all yawning need. There is a raw look to her, a stark truth in how she looks at me that I am incapable of turning away from. The way she reaches for me and disappears into my arms while I sooth and comfort her tears, while her voice whispers softly against my neck that she will remember to be my good girl now, that she's sorry she was bad, that she's so lucky to have me... well, there's just nothing more breathtaking than that. In that way she has become my addiction. I must see her. I must punish her. She is beautiful after I spank her. And each time I do it, that beauty lingers a little bit longer than the last time. She doesn't see it, but I do. You will too. One day, the whole world will see her as I do.
  9. Single spankee. But pretty jaded on the possibility of ever finding someone who wants the same. Most Male spankers I come across are married to vanillas, poly, or just want someone to spank and/or have sex with.
  10. I know exactly what you mean. I had a similar situation for a while and there is nothing like it. Play partners lack the connection and intimacy you only get with someone who you are involved with and love.
  11. For myself, I much prefer being erotically spanked or spanked for "funishment" or roleplay... however for some reason the spanking videos that really get my libido revved up are the ones where the spankee is being punished. The harder and faster they're getting spanked, the more turned on I get. There's a limit to it - I don't like watching a spanking that's too hard. But if their panties are *yanked* down hard or if there are tears that seem genuine, it often sends me over the edge. I've never really been spanked for punishment- growing up or as an adult. I've always been a real goody-goody, in fact. So I've always wondered why I react this way. I've always wondered what a "professional" might have to say about it. Anybody else or is it just me? Anyone care to analyze me, ha ha?
  12. I've been divorced and dating for a while now. And it SUCKS. I'd really love to find someone who is into spanking as much as I am. I had that once and I know how wonderful it can be. But I also know most vanilla men are at least open to giving spanking if they know you enjoy it. So I'm open to both vanilla men and spankos. But lately even just trying to find ANY man who actually wants a REAL relationship (not just FWB) has been impossible. I don't know. I just think sometimes I'll never find someone again, almost surely not a fellow spanko.
  13. Well I've tried this before, but you never know maybe this time it'll work... SWF, 43, plus size. Long time spankee, mostly enjoy it erotically, but you never know, someone might get me to tears one day. Looking for monogamous partner for spanking and sex and hopefully a real relationship. My age or around 10 yrs older is preferred. My attraction tends to be mostly men who are trim or fit. Hope to hear from someone soon.
  14. You can always role play being a stranger with your partner. Dress different, act different, meet somewhere planned ahead but act like you are strangers. Have at least some of the thrill of that unknown element without the actual danger of it. That's assuming you have a partner, which I currently do not. I will say I have had pick up play on rare occassion with someone I had met enough to have dinner with, talked to them for a couple yrs and then moved to a hotel room. I've done that a couple times with no regrets, but the last time was a bit scary and I definately got a lot more than I bargained for. Lesson learned. I love much slower now.
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