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  1. In lovely Raleigh today, a city I spend a lot of time in and am slowly falling in love with, but Charleston is growing on me, too. I wonder which has the most spankos and the liveliest spanking scene. The answer may break the tie.

    1. joker11


      You should come to Vegas

    2. Spanknutt


      Raleigh is loaded with spankers, events, etc. I know many people there. Covid has put a hurt on things, but it will come back. The Triad is pretty happening too.

    3. alyssandra


      Charleston just has that European charm.  A very unique and fun city.

  2. Aannnnnnggggeeeellll

  3. Yes, and I can be aroused by some seemingly vanilla fantasies/activities sometimes, but it's mostly because I'm attuned to the subtle little power exchanges that can underlie even those. When my partner is also plugged into that undercurrent, even everyday things can be erotically devastating. Spanking plays a part in maybe 60% of my solo fantasies, but 100% of them involve submission, including some of the "four peas" variety (reference Secretary) that few understand. That's a big change from my younger days when more like 98% of my fantasies involved spanking. The more real experiences I have, the more my fantasies tend to be memories.
  4. What a difficult situation, paddlemepls. I'm so sorry you're in it. I know that real life is rarely as black and white as a discussion like this. I have dear friends in similar circumstances, and my heart goes out to them because I've been there and know that pain lies either way. My values are only my own, and there are plenty of other conflicting principles, like do no harm, that others may value higher than honesty or autonomy.
  5. It's unethical from my point of view. There are probably some rare examples out there that fall into grey areas--the person with the spouse in the decades-long coma, for example--but usually those are just rhetorical. I've never met somebody whose partner has been in a decades-long coma in real life, but I've met quite a few who lied to their partners for the same reason we lie about sneaking into the cookie jar as kids: we want what we want, but we don't want to pay the consequences for it. Like Adek, my problem with it isn't based on religious principle. I see it as stealing the in-the-dark partner's right to self-determination and even their time, the most valuable nonrenewable resource anyone has. Relationships should be consensual, and there is no valid consent without honesty so that decisions to stay or go are fully informed. When that line is crossed (the hiding of the infidelity, not even necessarily the initial infidelity itself), the relationship becomes a sham from that point forward until and unless it comes out into the open. If you take deception away from the equation, it's no longer cheating, so I would have the heart-to-hearts, make my needs known in no uncertain terms, and ask for permission to meet those needs outside of the relationship with rules in place to protect the relationship. If denied, I'd either deal...or if I couldn't, eventually go from asking to informing, which would leave room for my partner to come to terms with it or leave. Either way, I'd have at least tried my best to keep the relationship while respecting their right to make an informed choice.
  6. I don't see anything wrong with the study itself other than the limitations that go along with qualitative content analysis. What people say isn't always the same as what they think or even what they're consciously aware of, if you believe in some version of Freud's Id or ideal self. Many spankos grow up struggling with feelings of isolation and guilt related to their desires, so I would expect a lot of us learned early on to rationalize those desires and frame them in more "acceptable" ways. And spanko culture has its own shifting mores that can seem judgmental at times; for instance, I remember when it was more heavily frowned upon for spankos to admit to enjoying "good" pain. I wonder if that could be one reason the study found that the percentage of practitioners who enjoy pain for itself is higher than studies from a decade or more ago suggested. I could see that gap between reality and Id/ideal self especially affecting the intrinsic vs. extrinsic origin responses. I gave an intrinsic origin answer to that question all the way up into my 30s when I found out that repressed memories are a real thing, after all. It was a surprise, considering I thought they were largely debunked. My answer changed to "both." It makes me wonder how many other spankos/subs have extrinsic origin factors that they're not aware of because of lost memories and/or extreme youth at the time. Regardless, there's not enough data yet to determine whether or not m/s is associated with childhood abuse, so the researchers' conclusion about that was premature. Other things I wasn't sure about: Color me skeptical regarding sexual power exchange play not existing prior to the 16th century; and although submissives have more anxiety, gender and higher intelligence are confounding variables for that as other studies show that women and people with higher intelligence worry more and have a higher prevalence of anxiety. Much of the article really resonated for me. I like that the researchers differentiated between "genital sexuality" and broader sexuality. It's definitely about playing with power relationships for me. Being spanked is just one way--well, maybe the best way--to make the power transfer instantly tangible. I'm also one of the 28% (that number seems low to me) that use it to alter their state of consciousness. Subspace feels spiritual to me. I can believe that it's addictive, and I wonder if that could explain why some have noticed the need somewhat decreasing during long periods of abstinence. My absolutely favorite part is when the authors keep saying this or that needs "further investigation" or empirical testing. Um, where do I sign up for that? My luck, I'd end up in the control group. I enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Love the new pic

  8. Raaaaaaaaaawwwwrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. I'm not a gamer, but I really enjoy building gaming PCs. It started when I shopped all the parts to try to create the best system on a budget for a loved one, and I've done one other build since. Someday I'll build one for myself, and then I'll have to become a gamer because you can't waste a gaming PC. God knows when I'll find the time, though.
  10. I hope you can stand to look at me now, I ditched the trout mask just for you.  ??

  11. I'm undecided. My initial reaction to the news was negative, but then I did kind of like her energy and quirkiness in the regeneration scene. Unfortunately, I didn't see as much of that in the clips from the new episodes, so I'm just not sure yet. I'll watch the full episodes soon, but it'll probably take me a while to decide because I'm always resentful of new Doctors anyway lol
  12. To clarify, I like Capaldi as a Spanker. It was a good shiver I like him more as a Spanker than I liked him in general. I finally finished warming up to him about 2 seconds before he regenerated.
  13. It was close between Clara, Leela, and Romana I for me, but I had to go Clara in the end because she was so annoying. I'm not even a Spanker, and I still might spank her. I disagree that River Song would make a better Top, by the way, and where is Amy Pond? There is no way to have this thread without this video clip of Doctor 1, Doctor 12, and Bill Potts: I'd take a spanking from any of the Doctors, but Capaldi... *shivers*
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