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  1. Hello my friend

    1. Ginger9


      Hello old friend. Very good to see you once again. 

      Lyrics to Clapton song which I love. I have not changed. lol.

      Still playing guitar and being naughty ? hee hee

  2. Hi Ginger9,  I LOVED your post "Erotic spankings are so damn sexy"  very nice story to which I can really relate, especially worrying about being seen outdoors while sort of hoping that someone(s) were watching.  I posted a reply and gave you a "like" AND a trophy!  :)  I'm new here, and I hope we will become friends.  Dave

    1. Ginger9


      Thank you very much and glad you enjoyed it.

      I felt a little silly afterward being "new" and didn't know if I could pull it off. lol

      I am on presently after being off since then, 4yrs ago,

      Yes. the outdoor spankings , discreetly, are hot. 

      NIce to meet ya Dave. Dont know if you are still a member?

  3. Welcome back!


    1. Ginger9


      Thank you.

      Left ya message somewhere else. 

      Been years. lol

      Hope to hear back from ya....gingercynnamon@gmail.com

      in Chicagoland area

  4. Hello Peeps. So long since Ive enojoyed this line. Hoping to reconnect w old friends as well as new ones too.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Misterfirmhand


      Welcome back!!

    3. oklahomaspankee


      Hello Peeps? I think that is in reference to the little easter candy lol

      Welcome back

    4. Ginger9



      Had thought about you. 

      Wow, we used to exchange so many msgs. 

      Good to hear from you again.

      If you dont still have my email it's gingercynnamon@gmail.com

      Yes, hee hee. Peeps are the coolest Easter candy but Peep as in People, fellow Spankos. lol

  5. Now it's time for you to go over "daddy's" knee
  6. Really get into the idea of the nice massage with the baby oil and the nice scent. Getting slapped on the butt makes it more thrilling. Have only done this once and wish to explore more. Did get a spanking wet after the he gave me a bath, which is spontaneous sometimes and find that I feel "little" again. It really stings harder than I imagine the oil does but it's a great unexpected pleasure worth it when it is all over.
  7. Hello friend I totally love watching cartoons with my man. The Simpsons are the best. We smoke medical weed and makes it more pleaurable. Love Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim.. Bobs burgers is alright. Nothing is better than watching the Beatles Yellow Submarine Cartoon to be trippy and have the best music ever. Love feeling like a little girl with my man while watching sometimes, esp with Holiday cartoons.
  8. Hi honey, You touched on a very serious subject with me. I curse like a sailor or truck driver. Dont get me wrong , I am very lady like but have a very feisty dispostion. When I am am super disrespectful, I receive a hard spanking as I can be very cruel and vicious with my words. This usually shuts me up for quite awhile. hee hee
  9. as a spankee, I would take it morning, noon and night. Seriously though, I find the most pleasurable spankings at night included with lovemaking However, the spankings are a real hot stress reliever besides being very turned on. I like the idea of getting spanked and sent to bed and not to move as Im instructed.
  10. Hi Cherry Cheeks Yes, my man and I really love age play. Spanking erotic. I really love the daddy/lil girl affection and play. Really love snuggling and watching movies or cartoons is the best. He spoils me rotten but I really get a hard spanking as all bad girls should.
  11. Hi JOliet JOe,

    Make me think of the Blues Brothers.Anway, I hope you're having  a good weekend

    Get back to me if and when you can.


    1. Ginger9



      Just have rejoined the site after 4 yrs. 'Curious if you're still active on here. 

      Take care. 

      You can email me gingercynnamon@gmail.com

  12. Hey babies,'' Cool cats, mates, friends, would love to chat tonight.

    I am a cute female spankee from Chicago'

    WOuld love to talk to like minded people that enjoy the fetish that I do.

    :call my number and maybe you will get a call from me...If I needed somoeone. George Harrison. Beatles.

    1. naughtyangel815


      I'll chat with you. I'm a spankee originally from the Chicago area but now in Florida. 

  13. Ginger9


    welcome abroad. Would love to hear more from you. A very hot hot erotic topic.'
  14. I think you should be spanked to the point of moaning and hollering. With being very erotic, I should hope and do receive spankings very hard. They do not have to be hard to be effective, loving, gentle playful taps however, I have a high tolerance, and need my butt spanked severely. I take it well and don't cry about it Would love to exchange messages with you as I think we have so much in common. Take Care and hopefully off to a Great New Year.
  15. You and me both sister. lol. Though a wet spaghetti noodle would not be effective for me. I like your imagination. lol
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