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  1. I definitely have! I started studying electronics; I am working on improving a shameful failing, i.e. I'm terrible at Math; I started tending plants in the house; I started writing actual letters to people again; I have been studying Photoshop and graphic design; and I spent a lot of time improving my handwriting! I spent a shameful amount of time wandering around in Skyrim when it came out. For a 10 year old game (an aeon in gaming years) it still totally holds up.
  2. Hello eileen, You sound like someone I need to get to know. Our interests seem to be very much on the same wavelength. I'm a firm disciplinarian, with a pronounced appreciation for bountiful women. And I'm in LA! It's not the vibrant hotspot for this sort of thing that one might expect. Perhaps your experience has been different? I'd love to hear a bit about your experience and learn more about you as well. Let's talk soon....somehow.
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