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  1. I don't think that's an accident! Dan DeCarlo, the archetypal Archie artist, did plenty of ribald stuff when he wasn't on the clock at his family-friendly gig. He may well have been a spanko himself.
  2. The Dramatics-"Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get". Early '70s soul classic.
  3. I believe I first heard her on a compilation of groovy music I got in the mid '90s. Tracked down "I'm The One" finally somewhere around 2001(it was hard to find in those pre-streaming days). Thankfully, the world seems to have rediscovered her, at least a little bit.
  4. By the way, that rule is NOT impossible to follow! You may not find it easy , but it's 100% possible.
  5. Yeah, although this is still a conversation you need to have, that is not a completely unreasonable request (or demand!) on his part. How long have you been working with him? Do you feel he has been fair and thoughtful in his demands on you? I can see several reasons for him to want to enforce this rule. And "people will look at me funny" is never a good justification for a behavior. While it's true that you are 19, and god knows I have never known any 19 year olds who never had a drink, I think your ER may have a valid point here. You may not be in love with his decision, but if you believe he has made it from the perspective of your betterment, sometimes you may have to do things you would rather not. But again: it's for the two of you to work out . I'd say definitely stay sober though, until you have a full conversation on this point.
  6. Annette Peacock- "I'm The One". Hard-to-describe genre-defying singer-songwriter LP from 1971, with laid-back funk grooves and soulfully caterwauling vocals, ornamented with non-tonal synthesizer squalls, all in a sort of futuristic jazz-blues context. I don't know if that explanation helps...ya just gotta hear it.
  7. IMO, the heart of any disciplinary relationship is communication. A a disciplinarian myself, I feel my role is to provide accountability and consequences when mutually agreed-upon rules are broken. The rules are there for the "ee's betterment, so it stands to reason that if you think a rule is pointless or otherwise not of use, that it should not be enforced; otherwise it's just the top on a power trip. This is, of course, all different from you suddenly reconsidering a rule's usefulness as soon as you are in trouble! 😉 You seem reasonable and obedient, though, so I doubt that's the case here. Your top's refusal to talk about your issues is troubling, to my mind. Especially since he seems that he is also avoiding the issue. My un-asked-for advice would be to avoid the proscribed behavior (what IS it, if I may ask?) and discuss this seriously with your top ASAP. Again: rules and consequences are in place to help you on you path; NOT for your disciplinarian to get his jollies. Good luck!
  8. V/A-"Cartagena! Curro Fuentes And The Big Band Cumbia And Descarga Sound Of Colombia 1962-72". The unwieldy title of the record kind of does the summarizing for me! Irresistible dance grooves.
  9. Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards-"I Did It With My Little Ukulele" Cliff was the guy who made ukuleles "happen" in the '20s. You probably know him as the voice of Jiminy Cricket (his comeback gig.) Of interest here: his version of "It Had To Be You" interpolates a lesser-known tune called "Paddlin' Madeleine." It's not what you would hope, but it's fun nonetheless.
  10. Starting the day late with the sophisticated raunch of Mr. Earl Bostic.
  11. Johnny Jenkins-"Ton-Ton Macoute!". Barely a fan of electric blues, much less '70s blues-rock, but this record is amazing. I learned recently that JJ's cover of Dr. John's "Walk On Guilded Splinters" provided the main sample for Beck's "Loser."
  12. Starting the day with this old favorite, David Axelrod's "Song Of Innocence". It's an uncategorizable orchestral psych classic inspired by William Blake's poems, from a guy otherwise best known for producing Lou Rawls and Cannonball Adderly.
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