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  1. Hi Emma, welcome to the site! There is a whole area of the forum for posting stories. I'm curious to see what you have been writing!
  2. WOW! Absolutely incredible work! So evocative and carefully observed. I knew you were a pro-level artist, but you are also a very talented writer. This is seriously one of the best things I have seen or read on the subject.
  3. Hate to harsh anyone's mellow, but re: recent posts on this thread-- OP posted it seven years ago, and she seems to have not even visited the site for two years. Just wanted to save you a little trouble (if not now, maybe in the future!)
  4. What kind of wood do you have available?
  5. In 30 seconds? Yeesh, I guess if I really hurried...oh, wait, you mean jewelry? No. CYP a Mandoline ? (the kitchen implement, but I guess I would take the musical instrument as well)
  6. Nope. No need for one in Los Angeles! CYP....a dog bowl?
  7. I can. That's probably going to be lunch! Can you produce....an old punk rock pin-back badge?
  8. Sorry to break it to you, guys, but this offer was posted about 8 years ago. The poster doesn't seem to have visited the site for 6 of those years. 😞
  9. Who'd know? That's the benefit of wearing all black! 😉
  10. The Stooges-Funhouse. As a former olde tymey punke rocque guy, I believe The Stooges to be INDISPUTABLY the greatest rock 'n' roll band of all time. Highly recommended if you have a hankerin' for rude, primal noise.
  11. Khruangbin-"Con Todo El Mundo". Laid-back, mostly-instrumental, thai-tinged psychedelic funk. I like these guys quite a bit, although they sometimes border on Cowboy-Junkies-level mellowness, that is to say, a bit more mellow than I usually prefer.
  12. My pleasure. He did loads of other spanking-related cartoons, too. Clearly a fellow perv! ;-)
  13. Here's one that lends a bit of credence to my theory.....
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