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  1. I'm with OP AG on this one. "Scene" always seemed a bit silly, and a bit too playful for my tastes. Its theatrical associations seem to connote something artificial. FWIW, when I am dealing with a disciplinee, I use the term "appointment."
  2. Cumbias De Villa Donde- King Coya. Retro-Futuristic colombian dance music
  3. El Michels Affair- Yeti Season. Really cool, mostly instrumental neo-funk with Bollywood and arabic elements. Leon Michels xomes out of the whole Brooklyn Daptone scene, but the stuff he is doing is way more interesting and cinematic than just soul revivalism.
  4. Hi Virgo, Love what i hear...if you would be interested in discussing this with me, drop me a line! -MFH
  5. Bruce Haack- The Electric Lucifer Crazy electronic concept LP by the eccentric DIY auteur. One of the first records to feature synthesizer as the main instrument.
  6. Minnie Ripperton- Come To My Garden I always hated her big hit "Loving You", but discovering she was part of the almighty Rotary Connection helped me overcome me aversion. This is her first solo LP and it is not unlike RC, but with more soul and less psych.
  7. Really stunning work, as usual. It is not going unappreciated.
  8. Concur with advice about moiturizing the area; and arnica gel is a thing peole frequently use AFTER the sanking to reduce bruising But honestly, it sounds like just have a very sensitive and delicate bottom, I have an occasional disciplinee who is like that and I was downright alarmed the first time I have her over my knee: I had never seen anyone turn so deep crimson so fast. I stopped our first session early for fear I was doing actual damage (and this was a hand spanking!)...Luckily I was later assured that that was just the way she is and I shouldn't let it put me off. The point being: some bottoms are more delicate than others.
  9. Hi Emma, welcome to the site! There is a whole area of the forum for posting stories. I'm curious to see what you have been writing!
  10. WOW! Absolutely incredible work! So evocative and carefully observed. I knew you were a pro-level artist, but you are also a very talented writer. This is seriously one of the best things I have seen or read on the subject.
  11. Hate to harsh anyone's mellow, but re: recent posts on this thread-- OP posted it seven years ago, and she seems to have not even visited the site for two years. Just wanted to save you a little trouble (if not now, maybe in the future!)
  12. What kind of wood do you have available?
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