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  1. Happy birthday to my voice of reason! 😂 I hope you have a awesome day my friend you deserve nothing but the best! Big hugs 💛

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    2. happyswitch


      hope you have a very happy birthday and get many spanks.

    3. Poison's


      Happy late birthday!!  Hope it was great!

    4. sweetpea


      Happy Belated Birthday 01! 🎂🎂🎉🎉🎈🎈🎁🎁

  2. I am a spankee and my wife is my spanker. I get spanked whenever she feels like it or if I ask.
  3. May all have a blessed time. This is the time of year I reflect on how I have treated others in the hope of improving myself to be a better person. 

  4. We have an equal part in our relationship and do task according to our strengths. I am the only one that works and; she manages the day to day expenses I give global direction. Ie how much to put in retirement, maximum house payment or car payment. As far as household chores they are split 50 50 as I did not marry a maid ( I had to insist to to my share of household work ) We buy our spanking toys together and either one of us can ask for me to be spanked.
  5. Hi all i am sorry i was gone for so long i had so much happening and work and home i needed to focus.  All is good just an intense summer 

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    2. sweetpea


      (((Hugs))) my friend I have missed you

    3. FinallyFree


      Welcome back ebw, good to see you.


  6. Well, it is not the only way I get aroused; but it is certainly on the top 5
  7. Hi Bf, i would say it depends. If one does in once in a blue moon then it is not a need for concern. On the other hand if you do it often as a coping mechanism, then there is reason for concern.
  8. earthquake in Alaska no worries me and the family are all safe, Tsunami warnings but nothing materialized.  

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    2. sweetpea


      Thank goodness 01. (Hugs)

    3. AfterGeometry
    4. George Lust

      George Lust

      Glad to hear all is well with you and your family. Neither quakes or tsunamis are nice anywhere.

  9.  New Year is a time for celebration and reflection.  We reflect on the. good and the challenges that we faced.  Take the time during this reflection to take credit for the good things that you contributed to and responsibility for errors made.  Learn form those mistakes and may 2018 be better for all than 2017.

    I am a firm believer that we must keep striving to do better.  My motto is that one should make a new mistake every day.  That demonstrates that you are doing something every day and learning something new every day.

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    2. annie83


      Happy New Year, my friend. Xx

    3. 01ebw8235


      Happy New Year to you 

    4. George Lust

      George Lust

      Indeed; though I am reading your comments on February 9th, I truly and thoroughly appreciate your comments and wishes for the future. Continue to hope and pray that 2018 will be better. Like that idea of making a mistake every day.

  10. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. There is no worry about gifts and wrapping. The focus is on family and close friends.  The joy of being together of eating too much and laughing about last year's turkey disasters and close calls. 


    I know that are those who don't have all this I pray you have this in your near future.That God will fill your lives with new loving memories that you can keep with you.

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    2. oklahomaspankee


      Happy Thanksgiving to you 01


    3. AfterGeometry


      Thanksgiving and 4th of July are my two favorite holidays for the reasons you give 01.  Happy Turkey Day.

    4. annie83


      This is beautiful, 01. I love it :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ❤

  11. I have had the most amazing weekend good not be happier.

    1. Jenna1220


      Those are the best!  

    2. AfterGeometry
    3. ginan


      I hope you have a lot more of those.

  12. Hello 01ebw8235,

    thank you i do love your hand print on your photos butt very cute.



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    2. Midnight


      it fits you perfectly.

    3. 01ebw8235


      I am laughing due to the accuracy of your comment 


    4. Midnight


      great everyone needs a good laugh it is very good for the soul and healthy to.

  13. Good evening, I only get "good boy" spankings. When I want a spanking I just text her so she is prepared when I get home. Frequently she know I need one and will take of it on her own. I am a big fan of be open and honest about myt needs.
  14. I am a Christian as well as as other have said you are not a freak. It is like any desire you need to keep within your ethical bounds. Meaning of you are in a committed relationship you need to share your feelings with your partner. If they won't or can't spank you then you need to decide if it is a deal breaker Also you can ask them if they are okay with you being spanked by someone else. As always a spankee (I am one) you need to pick and choose very carefully as you can put yourself in a precarious position.
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