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  1. I am getting away with everything lately. A loud promise of a spanking turns into a whisper that fades out, absorbed by the silence of my pale bottom.  While 2% of me is proud and feels braggy about this... 98% of me feels neglected.

    Like spanking me isn't worth the time.


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    2. Chastener


      Of course, it's only natural to feel "braggy" about getting away with something.  It is equally natural to feel distressed when neglected.  Someone has to take you in hand and make clear that you will not be allowed to "get away with everything" (or anything) starting now.

    3. scarlet


      Thanks all. Navigating my dynamic with some new things added into my personal life has been... difficult.


      I am glad I was able to vent and find words for my feelings here so I could communicate effectively with my disciplinarian.  The conversation we had was very nice🥰

    4. Geoffreaux
  2. Scarlets POV “Scarlet!” A voice boomed. I dropped the shot glass in my hand. Clink. Everything was happening so fast, but one thing was clear. Just one. There was what felt like nine hundred pounds of pressure on my arm. “You have ten seconds to walk your ass out to the car or I will deal with your ass right here. Do you understand me?” His voice whispered in my ear, but it was almost as if he were yelling. How does he do that? How does he whisper yell? “L..let goo” I slurred and started to sway my arms as if that would break me free. I almost stomped my feet, or maybe I did. Then al
  3. I have a disciplinarian who holds me accountable 😖 I hope you can find something that works for you <3
  4. @Chamed I have quite a few friends that sound similar to your -ee For rewards you can consider letting her stay up a little later on a weekend or giving her time to color or do something artsy/crafty while you chat with her (still that intimate feeling in a long distance dynamic with the little aspect of coloring)
  5. I've never had to count like EVERY swat aloud and im certainly not a fan of that However, I have had to count a certain number during a portion of a session. I did like thay very much. Usually the last 20 or 30ish. For example... "1: I will take my meds between 7 and 730" But im also the type of crazy who finds writing lines to be effective. The repetition is soothing to my OCD brain.
  6. Imagine forgetting your meds for a week long trip.


    Now imagine you have told your disciplinarian about it.

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    2. scarlet


      Yah yah yah. All of the above is true.

    3. joker11


      Come into chat

    4. Jaded


      Not a good situation.  Possibly contacting your doctor to send a small supply to a pharmacy near where you are?  Just a thought.  Enjoy your trip

  7. " ..."There is not try." -Yoda" -My disciplinarian. For privacy's sake, lets call him E. bonus points if you get the reference from "The Office" I've slipped a bit recently. I made some very important commitments for work that I have slacked on in addition to losing touch with my own personal commitments/sight of my own goals. Anyways, I felt like today was such a productive day compared to recent weeks. "E" had me write out a schedule with some time allotted specifically for being productive...as opposed to me writing down when I want to get everything done in my planner
  8. E and I agreed on a bedtime. A consistent sleep schedule definitely helps me and if I do not have a bedtime.... I am any word that is antonymous for consistent. It got so bad before we began our dynamic that I was late to work... TWICE. During the school year, I am in bed at 9:30 with lights out by 10. We added the "lights out by 10" part because I complained about having the same bedtime as his son. That really put things in perspective for him, haha! Now that it is summertime, we agreed on a later bedtime. Midnight for "school" nights and 2am for weekends. I know it is completely reasonable,
  9. x100 E was... less than satisfied when I admitted to driving a little too fast for the 4th time since February. This all goes back to my own disorganization, though. I swear- WHY does it always take so much longer than 43 minutes to drive forty-three miles?? I had the most amazing Saturday recently, meeting up with some of my best friends (who, yes, are in my little COVID bubble-- safety first!) to celebrate a birthday and exchange Christmas presents. We chose to meet up for the holiday as we are still unsure who in our group will be travelling and we must properly quarantine
  10. Scrolling through social media is certainly my downfall. And DEFINITELY gets me into trouble too much
  11. Today was hard, to say the least.


    But I sleep tonight on my tummy and with a clean slate.

    1. SJE


      I'm sorry sweety

    2. scarlet


      I am, too🤣 my bottom is proof.

  12. I'm never sure what sucks more... the spanking or the disappointing my disciplinarian.

    1. scarlet


      Definitely the disappointing, I'm pretty darn sure.

  13. "We'll talk about it tomorrow" is disciplinarian™ talk for "you've more than messed up."

  14. FYI.... it is not recommended to to whine "I already said yes sir" within 30 seconds of getting a talkin' to about your attitude.

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