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  1. Yesterday was my birthday. Might be celebrating it with my parents tonight or maybe tomorrow. 

    1. FinallyFree


      Happy Belated Birthday, cuddle!  :)

    2. cuddleteddybear


      Thank you FF. I appreciate it. :)❤️ 

  2. Ugh, can we please skip over Summer weather and just have Autumn and Winter weather all year round? Please? Sunburn and hives from the sun are super unpleasant.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Jenna1220


      Totally!  Although I think I could deal if Michigan weather was in any way consistent.  

    3. scarlet


      YESSSS I want my cold weather baaaack!

    4. Gent2spankOTK


      Cover your bottom when you go outside!

  3. Been awhile since I've been on here. 

    1. alyssandra


      We missed you!

    2. lasttry


      Tell us more about you! Please

  4. Happy National Teddy Bear Day! 🐻 September 9th of every year is dedicated to these brilliant forever (best) friends. 

  5. Happy happy happiest of birthdays to you! -hugs- 🎂🍰
  6. I bought three new plushies/stuffies for me! Whimsey the bunny, Amadeus the teddy, and my first Hatchimal Unikeet. (Picture Included in Status)


  7. Today is my birthday. 🎂🍨 Think I might spend it coloring, watching Disney movies and reading my new hardcover Winnie the Pooh novel.

    1. Gator


      happy birthday cuddley one :)

  8. The Lion King was fantastic! Naturally, there were somethings that didn't do the original justice but overall was absolute brilliance!

    1. SpankeeGal


      I agree Cuddle, glad you liked it too!!

  9. Today marks exactly one week until my birthday. Excited but not. 🎂🍨

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. cuddleteddybear


      Growing older, not excited about that part and the fact that I hate odd numbers. So, I don't like the fact I'll be 31. Darn odd numbers. I have a weird thing about odd numbers.

    3. Gator


      dont worry, that's an odd number that adds up to an even number, you're fine :)


    4. dmirk


      You’ll make it for a year...

  10. Zepeto phone app is so cute and fun. I think it is safe to say it is one of my daily rituals now. 

  11. @TurbulenceImpact (Have spoken on the phone and video chatted more than once as well as having met in person more than once)
  12. Happy Father's Day to those who are fathers. Also, those who have taken on a fatherly figure role in someone's life! You are just as important and deserve gratitude, not just on this day but every day! 

    1. Fltaz


      Thank you!

    2. dmirk


      Thank you.  Can't reach you.  Is there a problem?

    3. Gator


      thanks cuddle bear, I still think we need a separate holiday for Daddies and Mommies (not to be confused with Fathers and Mothers of course!) ;)

  13. I'm watching Rilakkuma & Kaoru on Netflix. I am so realizing that I'm Korilakkuma and would love to have plushies of both Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma! Adorable bears they are! 

    1. Gator


      *you're* an adorable bear! ;)

    2. rude_rumps


      You should get the stuffed bears! They're so YOU!! :)

  14. Welcome to Ohio! Not in Dayton, myself. I'm in Cincinnati.
  15. I am also asexual so I understand the whole others' attempting to steer negotiations towards sex all too well. Always great to see other asexuals around! :-] I also struggle with social anxiety, quite severe as well as also being an introvert so there is also a need for me to not be out and about with lots of people. My energy levels are higher when I have alone time and with only one to maybe four close individuals are around at a time.
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