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  1. cuddle_bear


    😭😭 Why did you post these? Not nice.
  2. cuddle_bear

    Does spanking really correct bad behavior?

    Well, this site isn't a kink/fetish site. It clearly states that on the front page. Just so, the true nature of the website is understood. See screenshot attached. But I agree with emilyjenna on this aspect: IMO they correct bad behavior. It's a love/hate deal where the non-sexual ones are still stress relief, emotional release, clears head, etc and that is more what improves behavior. It's throwing a temper tantrum and getting spanked and venting and being able to breathe and relax later... in a weird way like meditation or yoga. It's usually more hate before and during and love looking back on it later at the embarrassment, structure/security, vulnerability, loss of control.
  3. cuddle_bear

    Spanko Army

    I concur with AKS. lol, this army should not exist. -nods-
  4. cuddle_bear

    Checking this out

    Hi hi's. -waves- Welcome to the forum.
  5. cuddle_bear

    Consumation of Abhorrence

    When anger dwells deep within your soul; You maybe surprised at how quickly it consumes you. Unable to breathe a single breath of civility. Guiding you down the demented path of rebellion. No longer do you possess a forgiving nature. Every second the anger courses through-out your veins, Poisons your conscience with animosity. Violence no longer possesses squeamish repercussions, Instead you become intrigued by the triggered adrenaline rush. Decadence increasingly becomes easier to accept. Aggression disguises the pain so vividly. As society slowly cowers away from your belligerent tendencies, A sense of twisted satisfaction immediately is received.