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  1. I've used them I love them. They get the reaction I like when giving a well deserved lesson without the longer lasting marks
  2. I only spank women and I do have a dress code. Dress code is single layer skirt or dress with all cotton panties. Before any implements I spank through all layers of clothing to get the bottom properly warmed up. The panties are the most important part, all cotton panties traps the heat inside without burning the bottom. The proper "warm up" helps to minimize and depending on the spankee avoid welts bruising blisters. However the warm up session is not a patty cake session, my hands still strike full force.
  3. Bruising is overrated the main goal you should seek is if your bottom can still be burning and sore for days after. The best way I do that I spank with my hand over clothes or at the very least over cotton panties. Then I spank with my hand on the bare and go from lesser to more intense implements
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