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  1. Administering discipline one cannot say one thing and do another. Respect would be lost.
  2. Speeding

    They broke a law. Discipline must be enforced.
  3. Executive lady

    That was wonderful!
  4. Punishment spanking

    Punishment spankings are for punishment. Not to be associated with pleasure that is for another day.
  5. Corner Time Positions?

    Even standing or kneeling facing the wall with arms on the side becomes uncomfortable after a limited amount of time, but usually not enough to think about the ways you will show your partner that you have learned from the spanking. Very Important.
  6. I would think not...
  7. Who would you enjoy spanking?

    The list is long....
  8. Self Spanking Suggestions

    Works best with guided phone chat.....
  9. Spanking in normal conversations

    Yes, when ever I hear "spank" or "paddle" or even "hairbrush" and "woodenspoon" my thoughts run rampant.....
  10. What happened to...

    Thanks, a little better answer then what Letterman gave me...
  11. What happened to...

    Where did Akkristin, run off to? She was everywhere on here, now, not even a trace.....