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  1. Love your story. It would be nice to chat sometime. 

  2. Aww. I miss coming here too ❤. I'll try to post more often
  3. I don't have a computer at all right now.
  4. Hi Guys so I have written stuff here before but not in ages. One reason is because I no longer have a computer with Word. I wrote this whole short on my phone lol. Let me know what you think. Thanks! Warning: This is a bit sexual and I'm perve sorry lol. David and Anabel Anabel knew she was in deep trouble as she rode in the car next to her husband David. They had only been married for about a month and already Anabel managed to earn herself a true punishment. Anabel and David had an unusual relationship. David considered himself to be what was known as a "daddy dom." He was also a family Doctor from London who had moved to America where he met the love of his life, Anabel. He knew Anabel was the girl for him when she didn't throw a fit over the spanking he gave her for being late on their third date. Anabel considered herself to be a strong woman and fiercely independent. But when she met David he took charge of her right away and let her know where he stood. He told her exactly what he was into and luckily it didn't scare her off. David was the first man to make Anabel weak in the knees. He had thick dark brown hair that Anabel loved to run her fingers through, a handsome face and a tall wirey frame that easily overpowered her whenever she was in trouble. And today she was REALLY in trouble. Anabel had been attending a rather expensive university that David was paying for. Sometimes David would even drop Anabel off or pick her up from school when he had the time. But David discovered through a professor friend at the School that Anabel had been ditching classes. In fact he soon discovered that she hadn't gone at all since they had been married. "Young lady you have no idea how much trouble you're in," David growled in his sexy English accent. Anabel started to shiver and shake as she felt David reach over and grab her thigh while he drove with his other hand on the steering wheel. His right hand slowly slid over her bare leg and up her skirt. His fingers then gently tickled her panty covered pussy. Anabel gasped and instinctively closed her legs but David slapped her on the thigh. "You are setting yourself up for a worse punishment with your open defiance little girl," David scolded. When they finally pulled into the driveway of their two story house, David ordered Anabel to stay put as he unfastened his seat built and exited the car. Anabel gulped as she watched him saunter over to the passenger side and open her door. Anabel tried to avoid eye contact as he bent over and undid her seatbelt. He then gently but firmly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the car. SMACK! Anabel gasped as he suddenly slapped her bottom through her thin skirt. "Into the house with you," David growled. Anabel scurried towards the house not wanting to upset David any further. *** Inside the house David closed and locked the door. Anabel noticed a straight back chair had already been placed in the living room. She gulped. David turned his attention to Anabel and slowly walked over to her. "This is how it's going to be and you better be listening young lady," David said, towering over Anabel. Anabel instinctively looked down to avoid his scary gaze but he placed a finger under her chin and forced her to look back into his blazing eyes. "First I am going to slowly strip you down to your birthday suit. Your jiggly breasts, bare pussy and bouncy little bottom will be naked, plainly visible and vulnerable to my wrath. In fact you are going to remain naked as long as I see fit. I'm thinking a week but if you anger me futher, it will be much longer." "No daddy please," Anabel suddenly begged in a voice weaker than she intended. "Oh ho ho. NOW you call be daddy eh? When you know your naked little bottom is going to be in trouble." Anabel had a hard time using the "daddy" word with David but it always seemed to slip out when she was in trouble with him. He always managed to make her feel like a naughty little girl. Anabel started to pull away but David grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her close. He ended up ripping her tank top and skirt off. Now she was only in her plain white bra and panties the ones that daddy David instructed her to wear. "Come along," he ordered as he started pulling her towards the straight back chair. He sat down in the chair and pulled the petite young woman between his legs. Anabel struggled but he slapped her panty covered bottom and gave her a dire warning which caused her to cease. His hands slid around to the back of her bra where he unhooked and slipped it off. Her full breasts bounced into view. Tossing her bra aside, he turned his attention back to his naughty captive. "Your naked little body is mine," he growled. "Perhaps after I remove these panties we should have a cothes burning ceremony. I just might keep you naked around here permanently." Anabel gasped. "No please daddy. Please no," she squeaked. "Better behave during your punishment then. We might be able to avoid burning your clothes. "He teased," but that doesn't get you out of your week long naked punishment young lady." Anabel was covering her breasts but David quickly grabbed her arms and placed them above her head. "Now we will have none of that. You are not allowed to cover up." Anabel gulped as David's fingers slid around the waste band of her panties. She wanted to pull away but wisely stopped as David slowly bagan to tug her panties down. Painfully slow, teasing her. This would would be the last time her jewels would be covered for a whole week. He pulled the back down first and she could feel her bare bottom pop into view. Next, her bare pussy was exposed to David's ravenous eyes. He slid her panties all the way down to her ankles. Next, he bent her round and voluptuous little bottom over his knees. He reached down and pulled her panties completely off. Now she was completely naked and dangling over his lap. She sucked in her breath and she felt him reach between her legs and tickle the edges of her bare pussy. When he pulled his hand away he felt a slight sting on her lower bottom. The spanking had begun. SLLAP! David started to spank her lower bottom. He admired the jiggle her round bottom made as his hand made impact with her naked flesh. The spanking was somewhat gentle so far. He would slap each lower cheek then pause to tease her bare pussy. The teasing of her nether regions caused a tingling sensation to shoot throughout her entire body. He gradually increased the spanking causing Anabel to squirm. She whimpered as she felt the heat growing in her bottom. His hand rained down on her bottom with rapid fire. When he finally stopped he lifted the shakey young woman off of his lap. Her hands instinctively started to rub her bottom but he pulled them away and slapped her butt once more. "No rubbing," he scolded. He stood up himself and taking her by the arm again, he led her to another room in the house. Anabel was scared when she saw which room he was leading her to. "No please," she squeaked. "Yes little girl," David responded in his low english voice. There was a spanking bench in the room, one that Anabel had only found herself strapped on once and she didn't care to repeat that experience. But now here she was. David, being English, had introduced Anabel to an implement that she hated even more than his belt. The cane. David gently tied Anabel down to the spanking bench. Her legs were now spread, her pussy was plainly visible and her reddened bottom was ready for more punishment. David picked up his cane and slapped it in his palm. "Now then," he broke the tense silence. "A believe a cane is a proper implement to use for a naughty little girl whose been ditching school." Anabel sucked in her breath as she felt the cane slide over her bottom. Then her stomach dropped as she felt him pull it away. And then she squealed as the cane came down on her already sore bottom with a "Swish, crack!" "Yeeeowtch!" Ababel cried out. SWISH CRACK! David began to cane in earnest. He hit hard enough to hurt quite a bit but he was careful to not cause any real damage. SWISH CRACK! The cane seemed to descend down on her bottom again and again. Anabel was tied down tightly and could barely wiggle her bottom back and forth. There was no escape. SWISH CRACK! Anabel could feel tears starting to slip from her eyes. It was only until David heard her beg through hiccups and sobs that he ceased. She felt him undo her binds and he helped her up. He then pulled her into an embrace and let her sob into his chest. He gently stroked her hair and bottom. "Now, now," he soothed in a comforting voice. "It's over and you're forgiven my little one. But I'm warning you that if I catch you lying to me again it will be much worse. Is that understood?" "Yes sir," said Anabel. "Good girl," said David and he kissed her on her forehead. That night Anabel slept on her stomach, naked as Daddy David had ordered. After all he would be keeping her naked around the house for a week. But the next morning, David made sweet love to her then allowed her to get dressed for her class. He would allow her to wear clothes outside of course but she was instructed to strip as soon as she got home. So Anabel remained a good girl for a whole weak while under her daddy David's watchful eye. And she managed to remain a good girl for a while, until daddy David discovered her unpaid parking tickets. The End for now...or is it? Lol.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked here before but just wondering what everyone's spanking preferences are. Are you a Top, bottom or switch and do you prefer to play with men or women? I would say I am 98 percent bottom but sometimes will have topping fantasies. I will switch with my boyfriend if he is in the mood to allow it but sometimes he wont. He has no submissive fantasies which is fine by me. But sometimes switching can be fun lol. As for who I would play with, well I am only allowed to play with my boyfriend but my preference is for men. So what are your spanking preferences?
  6. Thank you for the compliment! Good question. The two F\M ones that I wrote are definitely not from personal experience lol. The M\F ones that I wrote, well some of it was inspired by real life stuff. Some of the stuff in my story "Daddy Jack and Little Maddie" was inspired by stuff my boyfriend has done but honestly not all of it. Most of what I write comes from my own imagination lol. I do get real life punishments from my boyfriend, but they aren't always exactly like what I write about. I also get inspired by whatever actor I have a crush on at the time. I love my boyfriend but still get harmless crushes on actors sometimes lol. I based the man in this story on an actor that I like lol. So as far as real life, I would say my stories are loosely inspired by real life stuff lol.
  7. Sorry I didn't respond before. Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it
  8. You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it
  9. Thanks! It's not typically mine either. I've only ever written two F\M lol. Thank you for your feedback!
  10. Another F/M story I wrote a while ago. I hope you enjoy. Comments are welcomed as always. Sexual content. Jim’s cock was throbbing in his pants as his girlfriend angrily looked over his speeding ticket. Ever since they had met, Sally was aware of Jim’s bad driving habits. But instead of nagging him about it like a regular girlfriend, Sally had other ways of dealing with a naughty man. She had promised him a true punishment the next time she caught him being naughty, and now here they were. This was the perfect excuse to spank his cute little bottom crimson. “Young man,” said Sally. “What did I say would happen the next time I caught you driving like a maniac?” Jim bit his bottom lip. “Ummm,” “I said I’d give you the spanking of your life, and that’s what you’re going to get.” She said matter-of-factly. Jim gulped. His cock stirred in his pants. Sally went and got a small thin paddle she bought to spank his bare bottom with, and pulled a straight back chair over to the middle of the room, then sat down. She slapped the paddle in her palm. He started to obediently walk over to her, because he knew he would get extra spanking if he didn’t comply, but she halted him. “Not yet young man. First I want you to strip down to your underwear.” Jim blushed, but did as he was told. He slowly stripped down to his boxer-briefs. Once he was only in his underwear, she beckoned him over with her finger. She set the paddle aside for a moment, and had him stand directly in front of her. She started stroking her fingers around the waistband of his boxer-briefs, teasing him. “Before I take these little shorts of yours down, I am going to tell you what is about to happen,” she said sternly. “I am going to take you over my lap and spank your naughty bare bottom with my hand and the paddle. Then, because you’ve been extra naughty, your little bottom is getting a wooden spoon finale.” With that she started slowly taking down his underwear. When his hard cock popped into view, she commented on it. “Just so you know, this naughty cock if yours will be tickled and teased as part of your punishment, but this naughty cock will not be allowed to cum until I say.” She gently tapped his cock with two fingers and it made a bobbing motion. She yanked his underpants down to his ankles and had him step out of them so that he was naked. She tossed his underwear aside, and turned her attention back to her naked naughty boy. She ran her fingers up and down his hips then pulled him to her side. He gasped as she gently but firmly grabbed his bare hard cock and guided him over her lap with it. She positioned his cock so that it was between her stocking covered thighs, then she squeezed it with her surprisingly powerful legs. He now felt helpless over her lap, as his cock was trapped between her thighs, and his bare bottom was elevated nicely over her knee. She patted his bottom, and then he felt goose bumps forming on his skin as she rain her long red nails up and down his naked cheeks. “Naughty little boys get their bare bottoms spanked,” she chided. Then she suddenly stopped stroking his bottom, and he felt a sudden sharp sting on his lower right cheek. He groaned. “This is only the beginning young man. Your little bottom is in for a long lesson over my knee.” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! She started spanking his bottom quite rapidly, focusing on his sit spots while causing his bare cheeks to bounce. It wasn’t long before she had him squirming in her lap with just her hand. When his bottom was a nice shade of pink, she picked up the paddle and rubbed it over his naked cheeks. Then she began smacking his bottom with the paddle. She started light, then gradually spanked harder and harder, causing him to squirm even more. SLAP, THWOP, SMACK! Sally noticed that the paddle bounced off of Jim’s bare ass quite nicely. It wasn’t long before his bottom transformed from pink to red. His cock continued to remain erect all throughout the spanking. As his bottom bounced up and down from the paddle, Jim’s cock began rubbing between Sally’s soft thighs. When she was done spanking him with the paddle, Jim was surprised when she ordered him up off of her lap. When he stood up he instinctively reached back to rub his bottom, but Sally pulled his hands away and then slapped his red rear end. “No rubbing young man. Now, into the bedroom with you.” She slapped his bottom all the way to the doorway of the bedroom. Jim’s eye’s widened when he saw pillows stacked on the bed and restraints tied to the bedposts. Over on the dresser lied a wooden spoon and feather duster. Sally brushed her hand over his bare bottom as she walked in front of him. Then she seductively wrapped her hand around his erect cock and started leading him towards the bed. She forced him to lie facedown over the pillows, his bottom elevated, then she tied each wrist and ankle to a bedpost. His bare bottom was presented as a nice target in the air, and his legs were spread so his balls and hard cock were vulnerable to her wrath as well. His bottom was high enough so that his cock was hanging in plain sight, ready for her punishment. “Now young man, ready for the second half of your punishment?” Jim gasped when Sally suddenly tickled his cock with her fingers. Then she took the feather duster, and ran it over his cock and balls. Jim squirmed, trying desperately to get away. His cock twitched. He was relieved when she stopped her tickle torture, but his relief would be short lived. He suddenly felt the wooden spoon over his bare bottom. She rubbed his bottom gently with the spoon for a moment. Then Jim’s cock involuntarily twitched again as the spoon came crashing down on his bottom with a ‘crack! “You,” SWAT! “Will never,” SWAT! “Drive recklessly like that again!” SWAT, SWAT, SWAT! “Yeeeeeow!” Jim yelped as she swatted his bottom like a mad woman. Jim’s hips rocked two and fro, trying desperately to escape the punishing swats. SWAT, SWAT, SWAT! When she was done walloping his bottom with the spoon, Jim was surprised when she suddenly grabbed his cock and started stroking up and down. He groaned as she rubbed and spanked his bottom with her hand while she continued to stroke his throbbing member. “You’d better not cum unless I give you permission young man,” said Sally. But it was too late for Jim. He could feel his face flush almost as red as his bottom as he exploded in her hand. When he was done, he suddenly felt a sharp painful sting on his bottom. And it hurt more than any of the swats before. SWAT, SWAT, SWAT! Sally spanked his bottom a bit more with the wooden spoon. “Ow, ow, ow!” Jim Wailed. “That was for cumming without permission,” said Sally. When she finally untied him, she made him stand in the corner for a while. Then instead of making love, she made him go to bed with a sore bottom. But the next morning they had some of the best sex they ever had. The End
  11. So I wrote this story a while ago when I was experiencing F/M fantasies for the first time. I realized I never posted it here. Thought some here might enjoy it. Comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Sorry, my stories always involve sexual content. Rob couldn’t believe what his wife was proposing. Sure he had left a mess a lot of the time, and yes she caught him looking at porn a few times, but a spanking? He wasn’t a five year old! Not that she believed in spanking five year olds. Candace only believed in spanking grown men when they needed it. Of course men were a lot stronger and it was hard to get them to submit to her spankings in the past. But Rob, with his cute round bottom, was her new husband. In fact they were incredibly new. Only married for a couple of weeks and already Rob had shown he was quite naughty and in need of her discipline. And she had a way of making him submit to her discipline. “Listen young man,” said Candace, and Rob was surprised at her stern tone of voice. “I will no longer tolerate you looking at porn behind my back and leaving your messes around for me to clean up. Things are going to change around here starting now. You are either going to take my discipline or find another wife.” Rob loved Candace and the thought of looking for another wife pained him. But could he go through with the type of spanking she was proposing? “You’re getting a bare bottom spanking, over my knee, like the naughty little boy you’ve been acting like,” said Candace. Rob didn’t know what hit him, but for some reason the phrase “bare bottom spanking” made his cock stand up in his pants. Candace actually noticed this, and fought back a smirk. She decided that teasing his cock would be part of his punishment. She walked up to Rob and put her fingers through the belt loops of his pants and started pulling him towards her. She backed up and sat down on the couch, pulling her naughty boy along with her. She started stroking his cock through his pants, causing him to suck in his breath. “Naughty boy. Is this turning you on?” she asked rather seductively. Rob didn’t answer. He gulped when she started undoing his pants. She tugged them down and let them fall to his knees. She fought back a giggle as she found he was wearing Superman Boxers. This made him seem more like a naughty little boy. “Your little bottom is going to be flaming red when I am done with you young man. As red as the superman symbol on your boxers!” Rob’s cock twitched again. Candace put her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and slowly started pulling them down. His cock popped into view, as erect as can be, as she yanked his boxers down to meet his pants. Rob groaned as she gently ran her fingers up and down his cock, tickling the shaft. “Alright young man. Over my knee you go.” She started guiding him over her lap. Rob hesitated. “Young man,” she said with a warning in her voice. Rob complied and climbed meekly over her lap. She now had his bare bottom over her lap as a nice target for her hand. She rubbed his bottom a bit and patted it before continuing to scold. “The reason why I am about to redden this cute bottom of yours is because your recent behavior has been unacceptable. And this will be to show you what happens to men who act like naughty little boys.” With that, she took her hand away, and Rob suddenly felt a sharp sting on his bottom. A sharper sting than he was expecting! SMACK! “You,” SMACK! “Will learn,” SMACK! “To behave!” SMACK! She started spanking his bottom with her hand quite earnestly, and Rob could feel the heat growing already. He had never been spanked before, so his bottom was fresh and tender. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Rob blushed as Candace walloped his bottom with her hand. He felt rather embarrassed being in this position as a grown man. He could feel his rather round bottom bouncing and jiggling after each smack. Candace actually liked watching his bottom bounce, and she could feel his hard cock against her lap, twitching with each spank. She could feel herself getting wet as well. As the heat in his bottom became more intense, he began to squirm. He instinctively shot his hand back to protect his bottom, but she slapped it away. “No protecting your bottom young man or you’ll get extra spanking.” After thirty minutes of slapping his bottom hard with her hand, his butt cheeks were blushing almost as red as his face. After his sound hand spanking, she paused for a moment, and rubbed his hot bottom. Then, to Rob’s dismay, she reached over to the coffee table and picked up her hair brush, the one she secretly bought to spank his bottom with. She rubbed it over his bottom, and tapped it against his already burning bare cheeks. “Candace, please,” Rob said in a rather apprehensive voice. “Hush,” said Candace. “That was only a warm up. This is the second half of your spanking. You will take this, or like I said you can find yourself another wife.” Before Rob could even swallow, he felt a sharp pain on his bare red bottom. “Ouch!” He yelped. “About time I hear a real reaction out of you,” Chided Candace. SWAT! The hairbrush bounced off of his rear end with a thud. He was really squirming in her lap now, which caused Candace to become even wetter. SWAT, SMACK, THWOP! Soon he was begging her to stop. Like she had promised, his bottom was becoming flaming red. “Ow, ow, ouch, ow. I promise I wont, ow, watch, porn anymore, and I’ll definitely clean up after myself! Please stop! OW!” “I’ll stop only when I know you’ve learned your lesson young man.” She pounded his bottom with the hairbrush until it was crimson. Meanwhile, his bare cock was rubbing back and forth against her pantyhose covered thighs. Although this spanking was hurting like hell, he was still incredibly hard. Only when his bottom matched the red on his shorts did she stop. When she was done with the hairbrush, she rubbed his flaming red bottom for a bit. But then she did something Rob wasn’t expecting. She reached beneath him with one hand and found his cock. She began stroking it with one hand, and continued to spank his sore bottom lightly with the other. “Naughty boy,” she chided. “Naughty boys get their bare bottoms spanked and bare cocks played with.” The mental and physical stimulation was doing something special to Rob’s body and subconscious. He soon exploded in her hand, his cum shooting all over her lap. “Now you’ve gone and made a mess.” She scolded. When she finally let him up off of her lap, she made him wipe his cum up with a towel. “Now young man, I hope you’ve learned your lesson about watching porn.” “I did Ma’am.” Rob said meekly. “Good. Now that was a spanking for watching porn. Tomorrow is your spanking for not cleaning up after yourself.” Rob gulped. “But Candace.” “No buts,” she slapped his sore bottom and he winced. “Now into the corner with you.” As Rob was forced to stand in the corner with his flaming red bottom on display, he started to get aroused again. When Candace noticed he once again had an erection, she scolded him. But afterwards, they had mind-blowing sex. Rob thought perhaps getting his bottom spanked wasn’t so bad after all. Until the next night when she introduced the paddle. The end.
  12. Ok I take it back. I *can* get aroused just by thinking about men i am interested in. But I can't really climax without thinking about spanking or some sort of Dom\sub play. And I prefer to think about spanking every time because it just makes it so Much better lol. I really don't have any fantasies that don't involve spanking lol.
  13. But would life be as exciting? For me it wouldn't. At one time I did feel the same as you but now I would never change who I am. If you find someone who shares your interests it can make sex amazing. But I totally understand where you're coming from. I had years of frustration before I met my boyfriend.
  14. I think I might have been born this way. I saw it on TV and stuff as a kid and it triggered something in me then. I was not spanked growing up but have always been fascinated with it. I feel I was meant to be this way.
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