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  1. Just to explain my post above - I was using the site's default dark theme and your post doesn't show up as it's black text on a black background. However, changing the theme to pink and it shows fine.
  2. Hi, It would be idea to change your font colour from black!
  3. Thanks for the follow 🙂

  4. What a gripping story! I'm not making light of it but I was hooked, wondering what the hell would happen at the end. I've got no fresh insight but I agree with others who say that she must have had mental health issues, and I'm wondering whether something in the situation triggered a memory for her. Perhaps a bad memory with her father? Hence her sudden jibes to you about being old and decrepit. Her taunts don't make any sense though, because if you're in your early 50s and reasonably fit, there's no way you can be described as either. I guess we'll never know, unless she makes contact with you again online.
  5. So what? Isn't he allowed an opinion?
  6. It's interesting that Naomi is still logging on but has not commented since Thursday. I suspect that this whole scenario is a fantasy. It wouldn't be the first time on here.
  7. So tonight's the night for the sjambok treatment. I wonder how it went? Let us know Naomi, ideally in detail on your blog.
  8. Hi Naomi, as you're embarking on what will be a very severe punishment (effectively a whipping), I'm a bit concerned about your bum being covered. I know that modesty is important to you but as others have said, having the skin exposed is a good way to monitor the effects of the strokes and to avoid lasting damage or bleeding. Perhaps your swimsuit will expose enough skin to achieve this, but certainly I would never administer a severe spanking on a covered bottom. The sjambok is a serious implement used in judicial punishment, so safety is an issue.
  9. not sure i am worth following. but thanks

  10. It's nothing to do with MalwareBytes or this website. It's to do with your computer.
  11. Unless anyone else reports this problem I suspect you have malware on your computer which is trying to direct you to a malicious site. Have you run a full virus scan and rebooted afterwards?
  12. Once the population in the main room gets to 30 or more expect a big slow down

  13. FYI it took about 10 minutes for the above comment to be posted. 😢
  14. General site slowdown again, particularly in chat - 1500 GMT Saturday 18th Jan.
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