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  1. I agree with the views expressed in this thread but on the other hand it's beyond doubt that the OP is just a fantasist (based on this and other posts).
  2. You are missing something. Read the first post again.
  3. I just wondered whether there was a way to properly log out of the chatroom? At the moment this doesn't seem possible, and simply going to another part of the site makes it appear that you're still in chat. Even leaving the site doesn't clear your chat login for some hours. My issue is that when I return to chat later, or even the next day, I find PMs from people saying hi to me and wanting to chat, but I can't respond as I'm not there. It must appear rude that I don't respond, and that's the last thing I want. I always acknowledge people who PM when I'm actually in the chat room. A logout button which kills the chat cookie would be great. I guess that would mean that the chatroom would have to have its own separate login?
  4. If using a web browser look for the tabs at the top of each page, as I commented in an earlier post. See attached screen shot.
  5. For people using computers and web browsers, go to the top of any forum page - you'll see tabs for 'Browse', 'Chat', 'Activity' and 'Clubs'.
  6. Hi Knight, welcome to the site! I look forward to reading your blog. I'm also in the UK, based in London.
  7. Hi, I'm in the UK - I'll send you a message.
  8. I apologise for my ''good riddance'' comment, which was probably too strong. I was just angry at the utter stupidity of the original comments by Coco. I actually hope that she is lurking as the comments here might give her food for thought. I''m pleased that you both agree with my point. As to taking the subject to another thread, the original premise by Coco is so ridiculous I don''t think it''s worthy of further comment. My point has been made and agreed with. Thank you.
  9. Good riddance. I''ve just been reading a thread in the meet up section, where you assert that if a man advertises that he''s looking for females to spank it makes you nervous. There was a clear implication that such men should be treated with caution and suspicion. In ten years of involvement in spanking I''ve never seen anything so ridiculous. I thought it was a joke at first but reading through your ludicrous argument I see that you are for real. To say that you have "issues" would be putting it mildly. Never have I seen such nonsense and so poorly argued. In your strange world people who spank should take nothing from the experience whatsoever and be open to spanking either gender and any age. Bull. People have preferences. As a heterosexual male the thought of a bare bottomed man over my knee repulses me, therefore I only spank women. Does that make me some sort of pervert in your eyes? Spankees have preferences too. If a heterosexual female advertises that she''s looking for a man to spank her is she under suspicion as well? Just to satisfy your perverse morality should she take spankings from females, even though she might find the experience repulsive? Go away and get your head sorted out and kindly do not cast aspersions on people who advertise for a specific gender in their quest for a spanking partner.
  10. Hi Tpol109, I've sent you a PM
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