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  1. CNC is an entirely seperate kink. Some folks like to feel helpless and it amplifies the experience because they know they dont have a choice. I would aspire to this in any disciplinary setting only because as adults we need to choose our fate to a degree. With out that you assume that you always know best for the ee or that the ees opinion ought to match that of the era. Seems unduly risky.
  2. I am called to see how much I can take😳

  3. I'm dumb I just found the profile description stuff on here. Been here since college. 

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    2. Jacevires


      Lol it's an app. If it's not intuitive i set i down and come back later. Who really out here tryna help folks? Jk

    3. DaChief


      For what it's worth I've been on this site since 2010 and just discovered that feature around this time last year. 

    4. Jacevires


      It does


  4. I feel like safe words are pretty mandatory especially when you are developing a relationship with a spanker/spanked. The simplest one to use is the red light system I think. It's easy to communicate even in the midst of a solid spanking. I have had a few people tell me they would rather not use one and prefer I decide. Still it's a tool for the sub to have when needed.
  5. Sounds like another time the internet ruined the world
  6. Attitude is hard. It's all about mindset. You have to recognize it and start training yourself to catch it before they do. Make it a game. Make it about respect. But guilt is real and some times we need help to forgive ourselves so that you can move forward. You'll figure this one out.
  7. Well thank you for taking some time to offer perspective. I hope you see my meaning and I intend to choose my word more carefully and Express my thoughts more fully
  8. Sorry if I've offended you
  9. I was definatly reflecting my own thoughts. I can see from these responses how that could definatly come across wrong. It was too short to articulate all that. Just an attempt at journaling
  10. So I'm not talking about casual relationships. I'm talking about folks who are willing to meet you on a dime. It's been my experience that if they're moving too fast something else is going on. And these are mass generalizations about an entire gender. My goal wasnt to classify all women and their motivations. Just to evaluate what the people I'm looking for are looking for in order to change my approach.
  11. No I'm trying to develop my understanding on how to operate as as an adult. I'm trying to figure out how to find compatible people and get away from this idea that you just meet up and have a scene or something.
  12. No I'm trying to develop my understanding on how to operate...
  13. This is why I started by saying this is about me. Any generalizations are to reflect the mindset I'm developing not to characterize any other person in any way
  14. So this post is about me. I feel like I've come into my own lately as both a Dom and a man. Not so much as a sub but who cares. The point is I'm seeing the Forrest not just the trees. My gift with girls when I was younger was that I never wanted sex. Sex is superfluous and great but I've been sadistic as long as I could remember back then I'd rather smack a butt. It allowed me to cut through the noise cause if you got my time then it was because I liked you. As an adult (especially an adult male) there are a series of lies that our society teaches you. On that is prevalent is the concept of hook up culture. It doesnt exist. No woman wants to do anything with a stranger. Most women can get what they want if they really wanted to. What she wants is the right thing from the right person. If she does want to get with a stranger (in any way) it's usually because shes using you as a form of self harm. You dont want that. When you realize that it's not real you start to realize everything is just the club or texting. Things get simple. What works works. What doesnt doesnt. P.S. Casual doesnt exist either
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