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  1. Just out of curiosity, is that your implement in the picture?

    1. Sassylassy


      yes it is! my lap and my hairbrush. 

    2. Drew1965


      Dam nice brush! was it love at first sight?

    3. naughtguy


      How often do you use that lovely paddle?

  2. Yes yes YES to everything you say! The earliest memory spanking fixation memory I can clearly recall was on my first day of school in 1st grade, but being fixated in that moment didn't catch me by surprise; so I'm quite sure I did think about it prior to that memory- that was just the earliest and clearest memory I can remember. During my childhood and youth-hood, I did know that my interest for spanking wasn't "normal" and resented myself for liking it, but later I figured that there was nothing I could do to get rid of it since it had stuck with me to my whole life at that point. Then
  3. I know a spanko friend who lived in China for a little while, though I'm not sure which part he was in, he did have quite a few spanko friends there, I believe. I think Fetlife may have some spanko-oriented groups for those in China, you may want to look there. Good luck!
  4. Spanko Gene: Spanking has interested you since a young age or your whole life
  5. I just saw "Washington" as your location and felt excited....Then I realized you're in the State of Washington (I'm near DC). :(

    1. AbleHanded


      D.C.'s loss is Seattle's gain. ;)

  6. Reading it now. Will let u know what I think!
  7. I agree. As a spankee, I've gotten corner time from 2 different people. The first person made me hold a penny against the wall for 6 min, and also made me kneel on the hard ground for another 6 min. That was quite effective for me. I was recently put in the corner for 30 minutes by someone else. It was not effective. I just felt bored and daydreamed about random things, waiting for my time to be up.
  8. I got to try out the belt last month. I think the bark is worse than its bite. Don't get me wrong, a harsh belting hurts! But definitely the clicking of the belt really got to me, and is effective when trying to scare the spankee. It's nice because the belt stings for a moment, then the pain is all gone. I like how unique it is, compared to all the other implements
  9. Miss Jenn Disciplines is going to Washigton DC in September. She does phone sessions too. I've seen her- she's cool!
  10. Hi all, thanks for your replies. Things have been a bit better. Still working on remembering to take my medication regularly- bleh. I am just going through big life changes and I think I am trying to adjust
  11. Right Dun Ben! People are so harsh- take it easy, I'm only a newbie! I have been inconsistently off my medication this past two weeks. I'll start again with it tomorrow....
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies and clarifying, as I am new to this scene. I understand what you all explained- that I need to care and change and that a spanking is not an immediate cure. I *do* want to change and I know I have the potential to be my best, but I just feel very hopeless and I just don't feel like trying anymore which is really scary to think about. It's just probably me and my personal issues, but I just don't know how to proceed from here. *sigh*
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