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  1. What was the impression, what were the feelings ... that you had the first time you saw the implement (cane, strap, paddle, belt ...) with which you were going to be punished?
  2. I love to be a spankee, but... i love view other getting too...
  3. Beatriz, my cousin, she is my schoolmate and my most intimate friend. The classes have finished and all the students begin to go home, however Beatriz keeps me on the stairs, next to one of the windows, which opens and discreetly looks towards something that is outside, at the entrance of the school. Wait Vero, with a little luck, you will enjoy a wonderful show ... Although I insist she refuses to give me more details. Outside it was raining in a whirlwind and the students run to their homes, the teachers to their homes, and although most of them carry umbrellas, there is a
  4. I love the face of the girl of your profile

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