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  1. The weekend...finally!

  2. Disciplinarians- do you behave well yourselves?

    I definitely agree that anyone who is in a leadership role (Disciplinarian, Mentor, Coach, etc.) should practice what they preach and never expect to be respected if they don't. I am certainly not perfect and do have struggles. However, I treat people well, live a clean lifestyle, obey laws, work hard, take care of myself as best I can and strive to grow as a person. These are things I expect from mentees/spankees.
  3. It felt like spring here today. Was kind of nice! :)

    1. Jenna1220


      Very much; almost seventy degrees here.  

    2. AnnieMia


      Omg! Yes, it was a great day. Looking forward to more like today.

  4. Favorite/Least Favorite Spanking Implements

    I have always preferred to use my hand, above anything else. Usually, it does the trick.
  5. Don't want to ruin things.

    I think you should just be honest about your feelings. He'll never know if you don't tell him. Even if he doesn't feel the same way, that doesn't necessarily mean that what you have will be ruined.
  6. Hope you're all having a great weekend. :)

    1. oklahomaspankee
    2. AnnieMia


      Yes, hope you have had a great weekend and are doing well.

  7. Craigslist Ads?

    If you want a new route to explore in finding your spankee (and have tried all spanking sites) I feel like you'd have better luck on a regular dating site, as opposed to craigslist.
  8. We must be considerate of how we treat others, as sometimes, we never know the pain that someone could be suffering. 

    1. oklahomaspankee
    2. Jenna1220


      So right.  It's easy to make assumptions.  Whether actions or words, kindness goes a long way.  

  9. Sometimes, moving on is the best thing to do.

    1. Jenna1220


      Yes.  Not always easy to do, but look onward to the future.  

  10. Don't you just love Mondays? 

  11. Have a great weekend, everyone. 

  12. Searching for Mentor/disciplinarian in NE Ohio

    Welcome to the community.
  13. Birthday Spankings

    Why not? Birthday spankings are great.
  14. So many pretenders. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jenna1220


      It's really too bad and sometimes I stumble on it unintentionally.  

    3. redhunterae


      Sadly this is true. But, enough serious people are here to make it worth weeding through the non-serious ones. 

    4. issabella


      How do you know if someone is serious

  15. New: Seeking mentor/daddy/disciplinarian

    Welcome to the community!