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  1. Just the thought of having a 'naughty' girl Over My Knee is Arousing !
  2. my favorite position is having a girl over my knee, bare bottomed... Favorite implement - Hand - more intimate......
  3. I feel the same way about the females who WANT to be Spanked !
  4. To me it's a part of the mindset and the loss of control when I Spank a 'naughty' girl.... I Spank in layers.... Over my knee on jeans or skirt, then I pull down her jeans or raise her skirt and Spank on her panties... The anticipation of her panties about to be pulled down adds to the excitement and embarrassment factor....
  5. pleated skirt and sheer see through panties.......
  6. Interesting Topic.... It seems to me that there is always an underlying sensual aspect to a Spanking....

    Big Bum

    I would not hesitate to turn you over my knee !
  8. Large Oval Wooden Hairbrush will do it....
  9. Both have there place, depending on the situation, wants, and needs...
  10. It Definitely needs to be addressed beforehand... As a Spanking relationship may change over time, an open discussion is always needed BEFORE anything turns sexual.
  11. I turned a naughty girl over my knee once and when I lifted her skirt her panties read "Naughty Girl" ...... I love the see through kind as in my profile pic..... Of course, they eventually get pulled down !~!
  12. I am a Daddy type who will scold you, turn you over my knee, and give you a good Old Fashioned Bare Bottom Spanking !
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