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  1. What part of Florida are you in?
  2. Weeding people out one full body picture at a time.

    I tried to warn him that I was a monster.

  3. As kids we learn that when a toy breaks we need to throw it away. It’s trash and no one will want to play with it again. Every once in awhile that broken toy finds its way into new hands but ultimately gets thrown away again, possibly a little more broken than it was before. The new person sees it’s broken and realizes that it’s ok to treat any way he wants because the toy is already broken. How much more damage can he really do? At some point that toy has broken so many times that it’s unusable and doesn’t resemble the original toy anymore. It sits and never gets love from anyone again.
  4. Taking a break from actively talking to people.  I’m too dumb and keep letting myself get invested and believing people have good intentions.  
    I should have believed my own head.

    It’s time to remind myself of who I am, not who I want to be.

    1. SJE


      I'm here for you hang in there

  5. Clearly it should say spanker, not Spangler but I can’t seem to edit the post.
  6. I’m actually posting this for someone else. He is a spanker in West Palm until Monday. He is looking to give someone a good spanking. I told him I would help him find someone. His only requirement is they be close to his age. He is 46. You can message him here. His name is Mspanksifneeded. I offered to help just because I’m nice and I like to make sure others are happy. He did not ask me to do this and yes, he is aware that I am reaching out.
  7. Have quite a few stories I'd like to share let me know if you're interested 


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