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  1. I am living in Ohio too, 24 year old guy willing to share the spanking experience with you, I am a switch as well (though leaning towards being a spankee rather than a spanker). Would you like to switch with another male spanking buddy!?
  2. Hi there, It has been a while since I last visited SN, 24 year old guy in Columbus, Ohio needs serious discipline for bad work ethics, failing to deliver promises, and for a lot of other mistakes he made. This guy wants to be a better man everyday, and needs some sort of correction between now and January 6th, at anytime. Male or female, any age is welcomed to blister my buttocks. And oh, I can spank others as well, but prefer spanking guys over girls. Thanks.
  3. I can be the one helping you!From Columbus, OH here!
  4. If I travel to TX, I will be there to help you out, bro! I am 24 male and I am a switch, both giving and taking the spankings.
  5. Hi sir, a young 23 yr old gentleman needs your help to be spanked!
  6. Is it still available sir? I am in need of mentoring and helping out with some problems also. I am a 23 year old man who needs to be spanked so bad!
  7. I am 23 year old male in Cbus, Ohio. I am both a spankee and spanker. I can help you out, and will treat you - my spankee - as a brother and will respect you utmostly. I use my hand, belt, spatula, spoon and can blister you until you are satisfied and then I can give you a bro-hug with encouragement and comraderie!
  8. I wish we were closer! However, I hope to make it to DFW area so you can blister my buttocks and give me the discipline I need!
  9. I would remain resilient and take the spanking like a real man!
  10. I am no new to this forum. This winter break I will be staying at DMV area for 10-12 days. Anyone interested in blistering the buttocks of this young gentleman? Male or female, old or young spankers are fine with me. Any implement is fine with me (prefer: cane, paddle, hand).
  11. I am 23 year old gentleman living in Columbus, OH. I am either a spankee or spanker!
  12. I am just a young gentleman (23 yrs old) but I enjoy being spanked as well and I hope when I turn 65 and over I will be spanked harsh by anyone. I don't mind being spanked by a younger or older person, male or female.
  13. The cane definitely! Singaporean and Malaysian rattan canes are designed to shed the blood after about 4 strokes or so. When I am caned, it feels like the cane is going to tear my buttocks muscles into two.
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