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  1. so my first thought is maybe you aren't doing it right. if your significant other isn't really into it but willing to give it a try... maybe make it light and long, kind of like a massage. just use your hand or something light, light touches in between. (which would be the exact opposite of what someone who is into discipline needs.
  2. start with the first. I'm not sure I buy the second one but the third was interesting. With work and life, I haven't seen the fourth yet...
  3. So, I started watching an interesting series on Netflix called "Sex, Love and Goop". Various topics came up relating to intimacy in relationships including spanking. Enjoy
  4. spanking can be completely sexual for some and not at all for others. being a man, I might not be fully qualified to lecture on women's anatomy but it is known that women can get sexually aroused by watching a horror movie. that doesn't mean you want to have sex with a chainsaw. you could be drawn to it for the adrenaline. guild, desire... you might be overthinking it... the most important thing might be deciding what types of spanking you need.
  5. I think it is the control aspect... deciding where the next little sting will land, how many she gets. when it ends... Then there is the emotional turn on of helping someone. maybe it helps them relieve stress, achieve goals or just have a much needed cry...
  6. they would have to store it in order for it to update automatically... maybe a solution would be just month and year so at most the update would be by 30 days.
  7. The problem I see with automatic age update is then you need to know the persons exact birthday. Then it becomes an issue of how that data is used/secured. I'm okay with updating every year.
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