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  1. Yes I enjoyed it. Just goes to show that no matter what age you are, for some people a spanking helps.
  2. It is definitely different from what you are used to. It will hurt and leave little ridges on your bare bottom.
  3. It is indeed wonderful. Hope you get many more spankings.
  4. Just want to say hello.



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  5. Good luck with your spanking. It will hurt and you will just have to grin and bare it ( or sob ) as the case may be. As it is your first time make sure a safe word is put in place.
  6. I am sure you will get all the help you need on here.
  7. I have used them. They are safe to use. Make sure it is sanded before hand. Usually they are quite good and do not need sanding. I am sure you will want to purchase a proper cane after that.
  8. Welcome to the group. I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for.
  9. The only way forward is to be totally honest with her. Tell her you need to be spanked properly. Reassure her you still love her very much. I am sure there are people on here near you that would spank you.
  10. Thank you for the wonderful truthful words you have spoken. Right from your heart.
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