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About Me

I am a college graduate with my BA in biology and a minor in history.

I love reading.

I've been into spanking since I was three. Got my first EVER spanking at age 19. (None during childhood).

When I was 23 when my (new) disciplinarians sexually assaulted me for the first time. Happened off an on for several months until I finally realized what they were doing and got away.

After getting some special therapy I was okay and was fine with getting spanked by guys. Recent events have made me nervous around them though with the exception of two, and neither lives near me. Even the one I was seeing regularly and trust(ed?) now makes me a little nervous because of all I've recently gone through dealing/coping with it.Even though it was a husband and wife couple, my fear right now is with guys. For that reason I'm starting to insist on finding a woman in the area. Just don't know if it's possible. Have never had luck before.

BTW: I will not say who the couple was. I'll talk about what happened but I can't say who it was or where it was. I wish I could, but I can't. You Two: If you're reading this, don't worry. Your secret is safe. Forever. I hope you're happy.

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